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sábado, 28 de febrero de 2009

THE LOSERS OF THE WEEK (article in English and Español)

After the analysis of the winners during this week, it's time to focus on the teams or players who were not very lucky during the last matches of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup and besides I will speak about the important Turkish game played this Saturday between Fenerbahçe and Sivasspor.
Possibly the most unfortunate team were all the Spanish teams, because all the teams from these league could not win any international game during this week. First, we lived on Tuesday the "exhibitions" of FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, whose actions can be described as “gray” if we are good.
On one side, FC Barcelona was dominated by a good Olympique Lyonnais, specially during the first half of the game, where we watched the powerful play of Toulalan and Makoun and the constant danger caused by Kader Keita, Ederson, Benzema and Juninho, who scored the Lyon´s goal thanks to another Víctor Valdés´s mistake-it is clear that FC Barcelona has a problem with the goalkeeper, since Victor Valdes has never been very reliable and if he has not received many goals is because the good play of the team does not let the opponents to have clear shots on target(if VV is not reliable, what can we say about the other goalkeepers of the team, Jorquera and Pinto ... so, it is clear that this team needs a total renovation in this position) -. However we believe that FC Barcelona will win the 2 leg of this round and it will play the next round of the Champions League, which it will be very complicated for Atletico de Madrid, because it has a big problem with its defensive line, which is showing a deplorable level. We already said in the article THE FIRST KNOCKOUT ROUND OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE(I) (article in English and Español) that the Perea´s injury could be decisive for the draw, because the substitute would be Pablo Ibáñez-the player who arrived an agreement with a Real Madrid president´s candidate to play in Real Madrid some years ago-, whose play is always synonym of insecurity and obviously we watched a Pablo´s big mistake during the first FC Porto´s goal scored by the determinant Lisandro López, who had many facilities during the game and in fact if he and the other strikers of the team-Hulk- could not score more goal was because the Atlético´s goalkeeper, Leo Franco, played very well and he counteracted the bad level showed by the defensive, midfielder and offensive line-especially when the coach, Abel Resino, took a bad decision, the substitution of Kun Agüero ... -. It is clear that Atletico must improve in many aspects if it wants to have any option to beat FC Porto at Dragão, because if it expects to qualify through other Helton´s mistake, I think that it will be very difficult.
But if on Tuesday the Spanish teams played bad, what can we say about the Wednesday´s game at the Bernabeu (I can not criticize Villarreal, because although it drew the game played against Panathinaikos, it played well and it could win the game if it were luckier with the shots on target, but this is football and besides it received a Karagounis´s great goal…). Although somebody may not believe me, Real Madrid played a game last Wednesday, at least the players were on the field, since I think that they did not play football. I suppose that Juande Ramos will have his fans, but it is quite clear that although he win the Spanish Liga or the Champions League, his style is not for Real Madrid, whose fans are accustomed to seeing a good play, with creative players, with quality. So, the opposite to Juande´s team, whose team had last Wednesday 7 defensive players(Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Cannavaro, Heinze, Gago, Lass, Marcelo) plus Iker Casillas in the starting lineup, so it is normal that the team had many offensive problem during the game, because Raul, Robben and Higuaín were very alone to play against the hard Liverpool´s defensive line. Please Juande, more imagination and quality on the field, ¿is it very difficult to see for example in the starting lineup a player like Rafael Van der Vaart, who is a player who can have a defensive role-for example he was fantastic during the last Euro when he stopped the Andrea Pirlo´s play- and besides he has quality with ball to be the playmaker of the team and besides he has a great shot?. But we know the conservative and many time absurd Juande´s idea and decisions-it was a mistake his decision about dispense with Klass-Jan Huntelaar to play in the Champions League, because the Lass work can be done perfectly by Javi Garcia and without Huntelaar, as Real Madrid demonstrated last Wednesday, the team play without an attack´s reference and the team has many problems to score, since Raul can not run, defend and score the goals ... - (by the way, I can not conclude the Real Madrid´s situation without a mention about the Faubert´s situation, since he continues at Real Madrid, I say this because the only news about Faubert is that Juande described as "gray" his play against Racing Santander and that according Juande, Faubert is injured although the French player does not know it, which is difficult to understand, but this is the current Real Madrid, a team that for example tonight it shoot only 2 shots on target against RCD Espanyol(19 in the Spanish Liga´s standing)…ok, it won 0-2(good Guti´s free kick and of course the goal from the determinant Raul) but it is very poor to shot only 2 shots in 90 minutes.
We must refer to the other dismal games played by Deportivo La Coruña and Valencia CF (it was very difficult to see one of these 2 team, wining the Uefa Cup this year, so it seems these defeat were the best for this team in order to focus on the respective objectives in the Spanish league).
We must also remark the bad week for the Italian team, because if we except that Udinese Calcio could qualify for the next round, the rest of the transalpine teams could not win their matches, and for example Inter drew its game-we can say that it was lucky because Manchester United played better and specially during the first half of the game-and the other lost the games or said goodbye to the competition: Juventus played well but it lost the game played against Chelsea FC; AS Roma suffered again the Mexes´s mistake, since he caused an unnecessary penalty; Sampdoria could not beat the fashionable Metalist; Fiorentina forgot that the games have 90 minutes!; and AC Milan returned to commit the mistake to play in the starting lineup with “grandfathers”-it is difficult to understand why did Milan play with players like Dida (35 year´s old), Pepe Favalli (37 year´s old), Paolo Maldini (40 year´s old) and Andriy Shevchenko (he is in a deplorable level), ¿When we will see new defenders at Milanello?-
Finally, I want to finish the article speaking about the game played this Saturday between Fenerbahçe and Sivasspor, where we watched a team, Sivasspor, which will have many problems to be the Turkish Süper Lig´s Champion, because although it is the leader of the Lig, it showed a very poor image at Istanbul and although it could score 2 goals-it is not very difficult if you are playing against this current Fenerbahçe-, it had not any chances to win the game, since it played like a “small” team with a defensive mentality and waiting that Mehmet Yildiz or Yannick Kamanan could score any goal in individual plays, which is possible one or two times in 90 minutes but more times it is difficult, although your rivals are players like Deniz Baris-he committed many mistakes all the game-or the unlucky Deivid. Anyway, it was important Fenerbahçe´s victory, because it continues with chances to win this Lig, where anything is possible and I will do not any more prediction about the possible champion, although if Alex de Souza, Ugur Boral, Gökhan Gönül or Semih Sentürk continue playing well, Fenerbahçe will be until the last game with chances to be the Champions (this Saturday it won 4-2 the scorers were Ugur Boral-2-Sentürk and Lugano for Fenerbahçe, Mehmet Yildiz and Murat Sözgelmez for Sivasspor.

LOS DERROTADOS DE ESTA SEMANA (article in English soon)

Después del análisis de los triunfadores europeos, es momento de centrarnos de los equipos o jugadores que han tenido una actuación muy desafortunada durante los últimos partidos de la Champions y de la Copa de la Uefa.

Posiblemente en términos globales los equipos con una actuación más desafortunada han sido los equipos de la liga española que han vivido una semana para olvidar.
Primero, el martes vivimos las “exhibiciones” del FC Barcelona y el Atlético de Madrid, cuyas actuaciones se pueden calificar como mínimo de grises.
Por un lado, el FC Barcelona se vio superado sobre todo durante la primera parte, por un buen Olympique Lyonnais que hizo lo previsto, es decir, dominar el medio campo gracias a la labor de Toulalan y Makoun y generar peligro con las jugadas de Keita, Ederson, Benzema y Juninho, que marcó el gol del Lyon gracias al enésimo fallo de Víctor Valdés-está claro desde hace mucho tiempo que el talón de Aquiles de este FC Barcelona es la portería, pues Víctor Valdés nunca ha sido demasiado fiable y si no le meten muchos goles es por la labor del equipo que no deja que el rival tenga demasiadas ocasiones claras (si VV no es fiable, qué decir de Pinto y Jorquera…en fin, es necesaria una renovación total de esa posición)-. De todas formas creemos que el FC Barcelona, que pudo salvar los muebles en la segunda parte gracias al gol de Henry, pasará esta ronda sin demasiados apuros, lo cual no podemos decir del Atlético de Madrid, cuyo nivel defensivo fue lamentable. Ya dijimos en el artículo THE FIRST KNOCKOUT ROUND OF THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE(I) (article in English and Español) que la baja de Perea podía ser decisiva, porque esto haría que Pablo jugase y con “el vendido” Pablo cualquier cosa mala puede pasar y evidentemente ocurrió durante el primer gol del FC Porto, cuyos delanteros encontraron muchas facilidades y de hecho si no es por la buena actuación del portero Leo Franco, el Porto podía haber conseguido un marcador de escándalo, porque el Atlético parecía que jugaba sin línea defensiva, bueno y sin medio campo y casi sin delanteros-sobre todo cuando Abel Resino hizo una “aguirrada” y mandó al Kun Agüero al banquillo…-. Mucho tiene que mejorar el Atlético si quiere tener alguna opción de eliminar al Porto en el Dragao, porque si espera clasificarse gracias a otro fallo de Helton, creo que lo tendrá crudo.

Pero si el martes los equipos españoles hicieron lo que hicieron, qué decir de lo que pasó el miércoles en el Bernabeu (el Villarreal aunque empató con el Panathinaikos, al menos lo intentó y dominó el partido, pero no estuvo acertado en el remate y además se encontró con un gol en contra gracias a un gran disparo de Karagounis). Aunque alguno no lo crea, el Real Madrid jugó el pasado miércoles, o mejor dicho estuvo en el campo, porque decir que jugó al fútbol es una broma de mal gusto. Supongo que Juande Ramos tendrá sus partidarios, pero está muy claro que por mucho que gane la liga o la champions, su estilo de “juego” no es para el Real Madrid, cuya afición está acostumbrada a ver buen juego, con jugadores creativos, con calidad, es decir, todo lo contrario a las alineaciones de Juande, que el pasado miércoles “se quedó muy a gusto” alineando en el equipo inicial a 7 jugadores de corte defensivo(Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Cannavaro, Heinze, Gago, Lass, Marcelo) más Iker Casillas, con lo que es normal que el equipo no funcionase ofensivamente, pues qué pueden hacer Raúl, Robben e Higuain ante la maraña defensiva de Benítez…poca cosa, como quedó demostrado. Por favor, un poco más de imaginación y calidad en el campo, que no es ningún pecado, al menos Juande podía haber alineado a Van der Vaart, que es un jugador que, como demostró en la pasada Euro en el partido de Italia, en el que anuló a Pirlo, puede cumplir perfectamente en labores defensivas y además tiene salida de balón y un buen lanzamiento, pero ya conocemos a Juande, para qué voy a jugar con 5 defensas si puedo jugar con 8, por algo prefirió inscribir en la Champions a Lass en lugar de Klass Jan Huntelaar-lo cual fue un error, porque la labor de Lass la puede realizar perfectamente Javi García y como quedó demostrado el pasado miércoles, al Real Madrid con la ausencia de Huntelaar, le falta la referencia en el área, pues Raúl no puede estar defendiendo, haciendo la jugada y rematando…-(por cierto, no puedo concluir lo relativo al Real Madrid sin mencionar la situación del “salvador” Faubert, que por cierto sigue en el Real Madrid, lo digo porque de él sólo sabemos que Juande calificó de “gris” su actuación contra el Racing de Santander y que según Juande, Faubert lleva sin saberlo 10 días lesionado!!!…sin comentarios… veremos lo que acontece en el partido de este sábado entre el RCD Espanyol y el Real Madrid a las 22.00 c e.t

Por lo demás debemos referirnos a los pésimos partidos del Deportivo La Coruña y del Valencia CF (parece que es lo mejor que les puede haber pasado, para que de esta forma se centren en los respectivos objetivos en la liga española), debemos también destacar la mala semana de los equipos italianos, pues si exceptuamos al Udinese Calcio que pudo por los pelos clasificarse, el resto de equipos transalpinos no pudieron vencer sus partidos, así empato su partido el Inter-tuvo fortuna porque el Manchester United fue muy superior durante la primera parte-y perdieron o quedaron eliminados la Juve-no jugó mal contra el Chelsea FC-, la AS Roma-como predijimos, Mexes hizo de las suyas y provocó un penalty innecesario-, la Sampdoria-al final se rindió ante el equipo revelación de esta UEFA, el Metalist-, la Fiorentina-los partidos duran 90 minutos!!- y el AC Milan-con todos mis respetos, pero no entiendo cómo pueden jugar un partido tan importante jugadores como Dida(35 años), Pepe Favalli(37 años), Paolo Maldini(40 años) y Andriy Shevchenko(que se encuentra en un nivel lamentable), ¿Cuándo veremos la operación renovación defensiva en Milanello?-

viernes, 27 de febrero de 2009

THE WINNERS OF THIS WEEK (article in English and Españo)

During this week we have had many European competition´s game and now it is time to make a revision to remark the teams or players whose actions represent the Head of the sport, the triumph, leaving the negative side, the Tails, for the next article.
About the Champions League, we should remark the Bayern Munich´s game at Lisbon, where it showed again its tremendous punch and that it can be considered as one of the main favourites to win the Champions Leagues- it is clear that this team is another team when the phenomenal Ribéry can play, because the French is now a mature player and he is showing an excellent performance-this season his numbers are 11 goals and 13 assists in 27 games(Bayern is a lucky team, because it is not easy to have in the squad a great quartet formed by Franck Ribéry, Bastian Schweinsteiger-8 goals and 9 assists, Toni-14 goals and 8 assists, and Klose- 20 goals and 9 assists-). In relation to the UEFA Cup, the names that we must emphasize are: the "modest" Ukrainian team Metalist Kharkov, which continues its dream, showing that it was not casual its victory in the first round of the Uefa Cup over a team with character, quality and prestige as Besiktas, and in fact since this round, it has not had any defeat in the Uefa Cup, beating team like Galatasaray, Benfica, Sampdoria and Olympiakos. The Metalist´s season is meritorious, because the Miron Markevich´s team does not have stars and in fact if we look at the squad, the truth is that we find simply good but modest players like the strikers Jaja Coelho-he was unlucky during his Getafe´s period- or Marko Devic, the Brazilian midfielder Edmar or the Argentine defender Jonathan Ramón Maidana. Anyway, it is a team without big names but with a lot of strength (it has only received 2 goals during the Uefa Cup´s competition), whose next objective is to defeat in the next Uefa Cup´s round, its maximum rival, Dynamo Kiev (these two clubs are having a beautiful duel in the league of Ukraine and in fact next 4 of March they will have the decisive duel to decide the League´s champion). As we have mentioned Dynamo Kiev, it is moment to remark the play of a young striker during the Thursday´s game against Valencia, because the level showed by the young Artem Kravets was incredible, since he was a constant synonym of mobility, dribbling, vision of the game, speed and definition (he scored the 2 goals), showing that we should follow his developments, since he can be a very important and famous player soon, we will see….
Other protagonists were Bülent Korkmaz, the new coach of Galatasaray- after the disastrous match against Kocaelispor last Sunday(Galatasaray lost 2-5), the German coach Michael Skibbe was sacked and Bülent arrived as the substituted to the Ali Sami Yen´s bench and he started very well, qualifying the Istanbul´s team to the next Uefa Cup´s round after a vibrant game played against Girondins Bordeaux (4-3 was the final score)(it is sure that Galatasary, whose squad is really good, will have good record since this moment, being for me a serious candidate to win the Uefa Cup)- and Craig Bellamy, the Manchester City striker, who took advantage of Ireland and Robinho´s assists (the Brazilian made a good play during the second goal) and he scored the 2 decisive goals to qualify his team to play the next round against the amazing Aalborg BK. Finally we must also emphasize the goal of Leonardo Vitor Santiago-the Ajax´s striker after a good individual play, could score the decisive goal in the 88 minutes of the game Ajax-Fiorentina- and the definition of Claudio Pizarro-the player from Peru is showing that maybe Chelsea committed a mistake when it dispensed with the play of this good striker, who is always a guarantee and specially during the important games, when the team needs his performance as for example this Thursday at San Siro where he took advantage of the Diego and Boenisch´s assists and he scored 2 goals with his head to counter the Pirlo (penalty) and Pato´goal (the Brazilian scored an excellent goal) and to qualify Werder Bremen(Pizarro has scored 28 goals in 17 games during this season)- .

LOS TRIUNFADORES DE ESTA SEMANA (article in English and Español)

Semana en la que hemos vivido muchos partidos de competición europea y es momento de referirnos a los equipos o jugadores cuyas actuaciones representan la cara del deporte, el triunfo, dejando la parte negativa, la cruz, para el siguiente artículo.

En cuanto a lo que se refiere a la Champions, debemos destacar el gran papel del Bayern de Munich que tras pasearse en Lisboa ya ha solventado la eliminatoria gracias a su tremenda pegada y demostrando que perfectamente puede estar entre los principales favoritos para conseguir la Champions-está claro que este equipo es otro cuando puede contar con el juego del fenomenal Ribéry, que se encuentra en plena madurez deportiva, realizando una magnífica temporada con 11 goles y 13 asistencias en 27 partidos durante esta temporada (gran cuarteto el formado por Franck Ribéry, Bastian Schweinsteiger-8 goles y 9 asistencias-, Toni-14 goles y 8 asistencias- y Klose-20 goles y 9 asistencias-).
Con relación a la copa de la Uefa, los nombres propios que debemos destacar son: los del “modesto” equipo ucranio del Metalist Kharkov, que sigue con su temporada de ensueño y demostrando que no fue una casual su pase en la eliminatoria disputada el pasado mes de octubre frente un equipo con solera, prestigio y calidad como es el Besiktas, pues desde entonces no conoce la derrota en competición europea venciendo a equipos como el Galatasaray, Benfica, Olympiakos o Sampdoria. Mucho merito tiene el equipo de Miron Markevich, porque si analizamos su plantilla, la verdad es que no encontramos a ninguna estrella, siendo sus jugadores más destacados los de los delanteros Jaja Coelho-paso con más pena que gloria por el Getafe-o Marko Devic, el mediocampista brasileño Edmar o el defensor argentino Jonathan Ramón Maidana. En fin, pocos nombres pero mucha solidez (sólo ha encajado 2 goles en toda la competición Uefa) en un equipo que en la siguiente ronda se las verá con su máximo rival, el Dynamo de Kiev (ambos están teniendo un bonito duelo en la liga de Ucrania y de hecho este fin de semana se enfrentan entre sí en un partido decisivo para definir cual será el campeón de liga). Ya que hemos mencionado al Dynamo de Kiev, aprovecharemos para referirnos a otro de los grandes protagonistas de este jueves, el joven ucranio Artem Kravets, que ayer tuvo su primer gran partido europeo pues dio una auténtica exhibición de movilidad, regate, visión de juego, velocidad y definición (marcó los 2 goles), demostrando que a sus 19 años es un jugador que hay que seguir muy de cerca su evolución porque puede ser uno de los grandes en un futuro no muy lejano…..
Otros protagonistas fueron Bülent Korkmaz, el nuevo entrenador del Galatasaray-tras el desastroso partido contra el Kocaelispor del pasado domingo en el que el Galatasaray perdió por 2-5, el entrenador alemán Michael Skibbe fue destituido y su cargó lo ocupó Bülent, que comenzó con buen pie y consiguió que el Galatasaray eliminase al Girondins Burdeos tras un vibrante partido( 4-3)-seguro que el equipo de Estambul ahora va para arriba en lo que se refiere a las prestaciones y puede ser un serio candidato al título europeo (plantilla tiene de sobras)- y Craig Bellamy, el delantero del Manchester City, que aprovechándose de las asistencias de Ireland y Robinho( buena jugada por la izquierda del brasileño), consiguió los 2 tantos decisivos para que su equipo se pudiese clasificar para la siguiente fase en las que se las verá con el sorprendente Aalborg BK.
Finalmente también debemos destacar el gol de Leonardo de Vitor Santiago-que tras una buena jugada personal, consiguió en el minuto 88 el gol decisivo para que la Fiorentina quedase eliminada y el Ajax pudiese pasar a la siguiente ronda donde se enfrentará al Olympique Marsella-, la definición de Claudio Pizarro-está demostrando que quizás el Chelsea debió confiar un poco más en él porque es un delantero muy solvente y sobre todo en los partidos en los que el equipo lo necesita como en el de ayer en San Siro donde con 2 cabezazos se aprovechó de las asistencias de Diego y Boenisch y contrarrestó los goles de Pirlo(de penalty) y de Pato(golazo desde fuera del área) y dejó en la cuneta al todopoderoso AC Milan(el peruano ya lleva 17 goles en 28 partidos)-.

domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009


Finally the First Knockout round of the Champions League, the moment of truth for the big European clubs arrives with uncertain draws in all the cases. On Tuesday at 20.45 ce.t we will have the first game of the draw between:

1-FC Porto-Atletico Madrid:
Keys:-¿who will show a better performance, the Atlético´s duo Kun Aguero-Diego Forlan or the Argentine Porto´s duo Lucho González-Lisandro Lopez (Lisandro is not making a great season, but if last season he could score 24 goals in 27 games was because he is a brilliant striker and he appears when the team needs his goals, like for example during the crucial game against Fenerbahçe and Arsenal some months ago) -.
-The rhythm of game, cause as the new Atlético´s coach, Abel Resino, has been recognized the players of Atletico Madrid are not goo fitness and they have many problems during the last minutes of the game, so FC Porto should impose a high rhythm of play if it wants to have more chance to win this round.
-Defensive rigour: Both teams are receiving quite a lot of goals-Atletico Madrid has received 35 in 24 league games and FC Porto, 18 in 15 Portuguese Superliga (last season, Porto received only 13 goals in 30 games) and they want have any chance in this Champions League, they should improve once to see the authentic level of players like Ujfalusi, Perea, Heitinga or Rolando, Pedro Emanuel and Fucile.
Our favourite: Atlético Madrid, because it has better quality in the squad and besides its players are more experienced, although the Perea´s injury can be decisive-he will be out 2 months-, because if Pablo Ibañez play in the starting lineup, FC Porto has many chances to win, because Pablo is a very bad and unsecure player.

2-Olympique Lyon-FC Barcelona
Obviously everyone thinks that FC Barcelona is the clear favourite in this round, because the Pep Guardiola's team is making an impressive season, showing an excellent play´s level and a great record during this season in all the championships thanks to the wonderful season of players like the amazing Messi (29 goals in 43 games) and the indomitable Samuel Eto'o (34 goals in 37 games). But FC Barcelona fans should not be relied and think these games will be easy, since if Espanyol could win yesterday at Camp Nou, ¿what can do Olympique Lyon? Specially this Olympic Lyon, which is a much more competitive team than other years. Perhaps it plays worse and it is a less offensive team, but this is the style of the great French coach Claude Puel, whose team always bear his stamp of identity, order, work, sacrifice-Lyon is showing a better defensive performance (it has received 16 goals league goals in 24 games-last season it received 37in 38 games-). In addition to these characters, Lyon offers another feature, the quality, reflected in players like Benzema-he is not having his best season in terms of score goals, but we know his power, quality and ability to decide a match (this season, he has scored 19 goals in 37 games)-, Juninho-excellent if we speak about the free-kick-, Ederson-the new Junihno is starting to show all his great potential- or the powerful Midfielders Jean Makoun and Jeremy Toulalan-both will be key if Olympique wants to have any chance to beat FC Barcelona, because it will be very important their task to stop the FC Barcelona´s playmakers, trying to steal balls to start quick and dangerous attacks with players like Kader Keita, Benzema or Ederson, who are much better than Nene and Ivan Alonso (Espanyol´s strikers). So, it is a complicated round for both teams and finally we will see the Pep Guardiola´s performance during a difficult test,¿will we see some more Guardiola´s experiments like during the Espanyol´s game?
Injuries: Govou, Réveillère in Lyon; Abidal, Milito and Iniesta in FC Barcelona

3-Inter Milan-Manchester United
it is a very close eliminatory…because these are very similar teams, since both have excellent defensive level-Van der Sar received his last goal 1302 minutes and the Inter´s defensive line in general and Julio Cesar in particular are showing a great strength- and both have a lot of quality in the offensive line with players such as the destabilizing Cristiano Ronaldo (16 goals in 37 games during this season), Berbatov,Rooney, Adriano and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (this season 17 goals in 36 games ). The truth is that it is difficult to choose a favourite, but maybe we think that Inter has more chances to win this draw, since the great José Mourinho is always a guarantee for this type of games and besides he was preparing the team for these games-finally the best system for this Inter is the 4-4-2 with a powerful midfield-because the Champions is the main objective for Inter and Mourinho, whose players come to this draw totally focused, since we can say that Inter will win the Scudetto easily, which we can not say about Manchester United, since it will have more difficulties to win the English Premiership and of course Sir Alex Ferguson will not can concede rest during the weekend to the key players of the team. Anyway, we will have amazing games in this draw.

4-FC Arsenal-AS Roma It is a nice draw between 2 teams whose philosophy is very similar, since both teams want to show a great and offensive play, showing very open games. In this case, we think that AS Roma will have more chances to play next round, because we think that the Spalleti´s team is much more competitive, because it has a better defensive level, which is decisive in this kind of games. AS Roma had a horrible start of the season but bit by bit it improved the level and the results and now we can say that it is in its best moment of the season-specially if we talk about the result (the last defeat against Atalanta should be understood as an accident)-thanks to return of the great captain Francesco Totti-he is the soul of the team (this season, 8 goals in 20 games)-, the reborn of Julio Baptista and the opportunism of Mirko Vucinic(this season,16 goals in 32 games), who will have many facilities to score when they play against the innocent Arsenal´s defensive line-I did not understand as Arsene Wenger did not seek a solution in the winter market. It is a good news to acquire a player like Arsahvin, but ¿what ´s the matter with the defensive line?To win this kind of draw is necessary to have a balance squad and specially good defensive and experience central midfielders, which we can find in the Arsenal squad ... So, this is big problem but this is not the only one for Wenger, since he will suffer important absences, since there are injured important players like Fabregas, Rosicky or Eduardo- the Croatian has injured again (now he will be out during 2 months) - ...So, too many problems to play with some guarantees against a great team like AS Roma, whose only the question is whether the defensive line can show strength without the play of the experienced Christian Panucci-he is suspended after his critics to the team-, since Mexes is capable of the best and the worst ... but despite Mexes, we think that AS Roma will win this round, where we will see many goals.
Injuries:AS Roma: Marco Cassetti and Florian Pit; Menez and Aquilani are hesitant. Arsenal:Fabregas, Rosicky, Eduardo.

sábado, 21 de febrero de 2009

LOS 8º DE LA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE(I)(article in English and Español)

Por fin llegan los 8º de final de la Champions League, es decir el momento de la verdad para los grandes clubs europeos, que se juegan gran parte de la temporada en 180 minutos trepidantes.
Lo cierto es que se presentan unos partidos muy abiertos, con unos resultados bastante inciertos en prácticamente en todas las eliminatorias.
El martes a las 20.45 tendremos el primer partido de las eliminatorias entre:

1-FC Porto-Atlético Madrid:
-Ver que dupla se lleva el gato al agua, si el temible dúo formado por Kun Agüero-Diego Forlán se puede imponer a la pareja Lucho González-Lisandro López (Lisandro no está realizando una gran temporada, pero si la temporada pasada consiguió 24 goles en 27 partidos fue por algo)-.
-El ritmo de juego: como ha reconocido el nuevo entrenador del Atlético de Madrid, Abel Resino, los jugadores del Atlético de Madrid no están bien físicamente, con lo que el Porto debería imponer un alto ritmo de juego si quiere tener posibilidades de salir vencedor de esta eliminatoria.
- Rigor defensivo: ambos equipos encajan muchos goles-el Atlético de Madrid ha recibido 34 en 23 partidos de liga y el FC Porto 14 en 18 de la Supeliga portuguesa(la temporada pasada el Porto recibió 13 en 30 partidos)-y el que quiera tener alguna posibilidad de llegar lejos, debe mejorar de una vez-será fundamental la labor de los Ujfalusi, Perea, Heitinga por parte Atlética y Rolando, Pedro Emanuel, Fucile por parte del FC Porto-
-Nuestro favorito: Atlético Madrid, por la calidad y experiencia de la mayor parte de sus jugadores.

2-Olympique Lyon-FC Barcelona
Evidentemente todo el mundo piensa que el FC Barcelona es el claro favorito de esta eliminatoria, pues es el equipo de Pep Guardiola lleva una temporada impresionante, tanto en lo que se refiere al nivel de juego como a los resultados cosechados y además porque puede contar con el juego del maravilloso y desequilibrante Messi(29 goles en 42 partidos) y el indomable Samuel Eto´o(34 goles en 36 partidos). Pero, los aficionados blaugranas no deben confiarse y pensar que los partidos están ganados, pues este Lyon es un conjunto mucho más competitivo que el de otros años-quizás no juega tan bien-, notándose la mano del genial entrenador galo Claude Puel, cuyos equipos siempre llevan su sello de identidad, es decir, orden, trabajo, sacrificio, eficacia-el Lyon de este año es un equipo menos goleador que el de otros años, pero también ofrece unas mejores prestaciones defensivas(en liga ha encajado 16 goles en 24 partidos-en la temporada pasada encajó 37 en 38 partidos)-.Además de estos caracteres, el Lyon ofrece otro rasgo más, la calidad, que se manifiesta en jugadores como el desequilibrante Benzema-no está teniendo su mejor temporada en lo que se refiere a olfato goleador, pero ya conocemos su potencia, calidad y capacidad para decantar un partido(esta temporada lleva 19 goles en 37 partidos)-, Juninho-sinónimo de gol cuando se dispone a lanzar una falta-, Ederson-el nuevo Juninho empieza poco a poco a mostrar todo su gran potencial- o los poderosos mediocampistas Jean Makoun y Jeremy Toulalan-serán clave, si el Lyon quiere tener alguna posibilidad, estos 2 medio centros que deben formar un pareja infranqueable que impida la fluidez en el juego azulgrana, tratando de robar balones para que Kader Keita, Benzema o Ederson puedan salir al ataque con espacios-. Eliminatoria complicada para ambos equipos y por fin asistiremos a la primera gran prueba de fuego para Pep Guardiola y veremos cómo la resuelve.
Lesiones: Govou, Réveillère en el Lyon; Milito e Iniesta en el FC Barcelona

3-Inter Milan-Manchester United
Eliminatoria muy pareja en la que es muy que probable que veamos una prorroga, pues son 2 equipos muy similares en el sentido de que ambos ofrecen unas grandes prestaciones defensivas-Van der Sar lleva 1302 minutos sin encajar un gol y la defensa Interista en general y Julio Cesar en particular también están mostrando una gran solidez-y además ambos tienen muchísima calidad en la línea ofensiva con jugadores tan desequilibrantes como Cristiano Ronaldo(15 goles en 36 partidos, Berbatov, Adriano o Zlatan Ibrahimovic(esta temporada lleva 17 goles en 35 partidos). La verdad es que es difícil decantarse por uno como favorito, pero quizás veamos al Inter con más números de pasar la eliminatoria, pues el gran José Mourinho es siempre una garantía para este tipo de partidos y además lleva toda la temporada preparándose para estas eliminatorias-al final se ha decantado por utilizar 4-4-2, teniendo un poderoso y físico mediocampo-, pues la Champions es el principal objetivo para Mou y el Inter, cuyos jugadores llegará a este partido totalmente centrado, despreocupado de un Scudetto que ya tienen prácticamente ganado, con lo que Mou podrá dar descanso a sus principales jugadores durante el partido de este sabado(16.00 c.e.t) contra el Bolonia para que puedan llegar frescos al coche contra el Manchester Untied, partido en el que el espectáculo está garantizado.

4-FC Arsenal-AS Roma
Eliminatoria bonita entre 2 equipos que practican un juego alegre y vistoso y en la que sale como favorito el AS Roma, pues entendemos que el conjunto de Spalleti es mucho más competitivo, ya que tras un inicio horrible de temporada, por fin se ha reencontrado con el buen juego y con los buenos resultados-la derrota en el último partido en el campo de la Atalanta debe ser entendido como una anécdota- gracias al buen juego de Francesco Totti-el alma de este equipo(8 goles en 19 partidos)-,de un renacido Julio Baptista y del oportunista Mirko Vucinic(16 goles en 32 partidos), que deberán sobresalir ante la inocencia defensiva del Arsenal-no entendí como Arsene Wenger no buscó una solución durante el pasado mercado invernal. Está muy bien fichar a Arsahvin, pero ¿qué hay de la defensa? Para ganar este tipo de eliminatorias se necesita medio centros defensivos experimentados y el Arsenal no tiene ningún jugador de este perfil…Gran problema, que se une al otro problema de Wenger, las lesiones de Fabregas, Rosicky, Eduardo-el croata se ha lesionado otra vez (ahora estará 2 meses más lesionado)-……En fin, demasiados inconvenientes para enfrentarse a un gran equipo como la Roma, cuyo principal interrogante es si la línea defensiva podrá mostrar solidez sin la participación del experimentado Panucci-recordemos que Panucci está “apartado” del equipo tras unas declaraciones en las que criticaba a la plantilla-, teniendo en cuenta que Mexes es capaz de lo mejor y de lo peor… pero pese a Mexes, creemos que la AS Roma se impondrá en esta eliminatoria, en la que tenemos el espectáculo y goles asegurados.
Lesiones: En la AS Roma serán bajas seguras Marco Cassetti, Florian Pit y es dudosa la participación de Menez y Aquilani; en el Arsenal, los mencionados Fabregas, Rosicky, Eduardo.

lunes, 9 de febrero de 2009

SCOLARI SACKED, ¿WILL LUIS ARAGONES BE THE NEXT? (article in English and Español)

Finally Chelsea FC´s fans can breathe with calmness because there has been the dismissal of coach Felipe Scolari, whose low performance over the 6 months is not a surprise for us and in fact last September-ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE, THE SPECTACLE IS HERE!(This article is available in English and Español) -we said that Chelsea committed a mistake with the arrival of this overvalued coach, who, after his poor performance during his period as Portuguese National coach, does again the ridiculous with an European team and we will see if this was his last opportunity with a Big European Club, because the clubs can think that this coach is not unable to get a good performance with this squad, ¿what does he need?-we'll see if when Sandro Rossell(former FC Barcelona vice-president) is presented to the elections to be FC Barcelona´s president, opt for Felipao to be the FC Barcelona´s coach (remember that Rosell wanted Scolari to be the coach of FC Barcelona some years ago) -. We believe that this decision comes at a good time because if Abramovich wants that his Chelsea have any chance to win the Champions League´s round against Juventus Torino, the team needed a change at the helm of the team, a change to see a new Chelsea, a Chelsea with winning mentality and being a fearsome team and a team with chances to win in any stadium. So, opposite to the current Chelsea, which has only been able to draw a game in all the games played against the other big teams of the Premier-Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal- and it has only been able to win 4 of the last 12 Premier League´s games played, being the last disappointment, the last Saturday tie at Stamford Bridge against a simply headstrong Hull City-we can say that Chelsea was lucky, because the Hull City´s striker, Craig Fagan was unlucky and he had many chances but he could not score any goal during this game(it is a bit sad that the solution to try to score a goal for a team like Chelsea is the right back Belleti) -. So, we believe that the ordeal finished for the Stamford Bridge´s fans, who should be hopeful for the future, because their team have a good squad and the only necessary thing is to have a coach whose decisions are based on the common sense and with winning mentality, since the difficult thing is to see bad record, when you have in the squad players like Terry, Lampard, Kalou, Drogba or Malouda.

Obviously we will pay attention to the future of this great club, as well as any developments with Luis Aragonés, after the sad and painful games played by his team this Sunday against the modest Büyüksehir Belediyespor Istanbul. Frankly, I do not remember a game as bad as yesterday Fenerbahçe´s game, because this team showed an “spectacle” of play without concentration-many absurd mistakes-, without any pressure and besides against a simply headstrong rival-we can remark the job of the goalkeeper Mehmet Ali Tunc and of the technical Ibrahim Akin, who if he continues at this level, will be soon again playing for a big clubs(in the past he played during 3 seasons and a half for Besiktas) -, which had the setback of play with 10 men during many minutes of the game, but despite this, it was able to defeat the almighty Fenerbahçe (2-0), whose coach, Luis Aragonés, returned to make strange decisions and he "delighted" us with some strange substitutions,¿ how is it possible that if the team is losing and playing against 10 players, the Luis Aragones´s decision is Alex –he is the best player of the team and he can decide a game at any time- and Dani Güiza-although he is not playing very well, he should be in the field, cause he is always synonym of danger- to the bench?, if Alex, Güiza, Deivid, Semih Sentürk, Ugur Boral and Kazim can not play together against Büyüksehir Istanbul, ¿when they will do?. It was a very bad Fenerbahçe´s game and we'll see if this is result means the dismissal of "El Sabio"(“the wise”) Aragonés because the team needs something different to change this current dynamics-the team is playing very bad during all the season and if it is having good results, is because the individual quality of some players, since the team, as collective, does not exist, which is always dangerous, because finally one day the individualities do not appear and the team shows a lamentable spectacle as yesterday... .- We will be attentive to the news.


Los aficionados del Chelsea FC ya pueden respirar tranquilos porque por fin se ha producido la destitución del entrenador Felipe Scolari, cuyo bajo rendimiento durante estos 6 meses es algo que no nos sorprende y desde el principio dijimos( PREMIER LEAGUE: COMIENZA EL ESPECTACULO (This article is available in English and Español) )que el Chelsea de esta temporada presentaba muchas sombras y especialmente en la figura de su entrenador, que tras sus malos resultados con la selección portuguesa, vuelve a fracasar en el fútbol europeo y ya veremos si vuelve a tener otra oportunidad en un grande del fútbol europeo-veremos si cuando Sandro Rossell se presente a la presidencia del FC Barcelona elige al “grande” de Felipao para el banquillo blaugrana (recordemos que para Rosell, Scolari era el técnico ideal para el Barça)-.
Creemos que la decisión llega en un buen momento porque si Abramovich quiere que su Chelsea tenga alguna posibilidad de eliminar a la Juventus de Turín en los 8º de final de la Champions League, el equipo necesitaba un cambio en el timón del equipo, un cambio que haga que el Chelsea recupere su mentalidad ganadora y vuelva a ser un equipo temible y capaz de ganar en cualquier campo y contra cualquier rival, es decir, un equipo opuesto al actual Chelsea, que sólo ha sido capaz de 4 de los últimos 12 partidos disputados de la Premier y que sólo ha sido capaz de sacar un triste empate en todos sus enfrentamientos contra los equipos grandes de la Premier-empato a 1 con el Manchester United en Stamford Brigde y perdió los restantes partidos contra el Liverpool, Manchester United y Arsenal-y que ha tenido como “broche de oro” un lamentable empate el pasado sábado en Stamford Bridge contra un simplemente voluntarioso Hull City-empate y gracias, porque si Craig Fagan hubiese estado un poco más acertado, el Chelsea hubiese perdido el partido(un poco triste que un equipo como el Chelsea tenga como recurso para ganar un partido, la incorporación al campo de Belleti)-.
En fin, creemos que se acabo el calvario para la afición de Stamford Brigde, que debe estar esperanzada con el futuro, con independencia de quien sea el nuevo entrenador, porque simplemente con sentido común y mentalidad ganadora, este equipo tiene que funcionar sí o sí porque lo difícil es lo ha hecho Scolari, teniendo en plantilla jugadores como Terry, Lampard, Kalou, Drogba o Malouda.

Evidentemente estaremos atentos al futuro de este grande, como también de lo que acontezca con Luis Aragonés, tras el lamentable y pésimo partido disputado este domingo ante el modestísimo Istanbul Büyüksehir Belediyespor. Sinceramente, hacía tiempo que no veía un partido tan malo por parte de un equipo que debe ser considerado grande, pues vimos un recital de falta de concentración, de intensidad, de errores absurdos en pases facilísimos, de carencia de juego, sin presión de ningún tipo y todo ello ante un equipo simplemente ordenado-destacar al portero Mehmet Ali Tunc y al técnico Ibrahim Akin, que si sigue a este nivel no debería tardar en volver a un grande(ya jugó durante 3 temporadas y media en el Besiktas)- y que jugó gran parte del partido con 10 jugadores, pero que pese a esto, fue capaz de ganar por 2-0 al todopoderoso Fenerbahçe, cuyo técnico, Luis Aragonés, volvió a hacer de las suyas y nos “deleitó” con una serie de cambios totalmente inexplicables, ¿cómo es posible que si el equipo está perdiendo y jugando contra 10, saque del campo a Alex-mejor jugador técnicamente del equipo y capaz de decidir un partido en cualquier momento- y a Dani Güiza-vale que no está en su mejor momento, pero siempre es un peligro para las defensas rivales-? si Alex, Güiza, Deivid, Semih Sentürk, Kazim y Ugur Boral no pueden jugar juntos contra el Istanbul Büyüksehir, ¿cuándo lo harán?. Partido muy malo y ya veremos si no produce la destitución de “el Sabio”, porque el equipo así no va a ningún sitio-realmente si Aragonés ha podido llegar hasta estas alturas de temporada, ha sido porque ha ido consiguiendo buenos resultados que enmascaraban un juego totalmente pésimo, simplemente basado en las individualidades del equipos, lo cual siempre es peligroso, porque al final, ocurre lo de este domingo…….-
Estaremos atentos a las novedades.

martes, 3 de febrero de 2009

THE WINTER MARKET 09 IS CLOSED (article in English and Español)

Finally, the winter market finished and it did with quite lot of news over the past last days, especially in the English league.
Possibly the name of the last days is the great Russian Andrey Arshavin, whose dreams came true and finally he left Zenit St Petersburg to sign with Arsenal after a long and tough negotiations with a transfer fee of 16.5 million euros- Arsenal acquires a great player without spending too much money if we take into account the prices of other worse players during this market, but I do not know if Arsenal needs this player, because if we look the future, ¿what will happen when Fàbregas and Rosicky are ready to play? who will not play? Because I think that it will be difficult to see together Cesc, Rosicky, Nasri, Van Persie and Arshavin. Besides Arsenal has its problems in the defensive line and not in the offensive line, because it scores more or less the same goals as the other big teams, but its defensive level is a disaster and in fact it has received 15 more goals than Manchester United and 10 more than Liverpool FC and Chelsea FC, so it might have been more interesting to sign a defensive central midfielder or an experienced central defender, looking for a player on loan like Chelsea FC, which has some problems in its midfielder line after de Joe Cole´s injury and it decided to sign on loan the Portuguese Ricardo Quaresma, who after a disastrous Inter Milan´s period, where he was without confidence and playing with fear and under the fans´s yell, decided to look for another opportunity to show his potential and quality and we will see if alongside Scolari, he can be a good player outside the Portuguese League-for the moment he failed at Milan and at Barcelona-.

In addition to Arshavin and Quaresma, the other names of the English market during the last days have been: 1-Robbie Keane- Spurs seem that it wants to go back one year because this club is recovering many players dismissed by Juande Ramos. At least once Tottenham has not lost money in this case because it sold Keane for 24 million and now it buys him for 16.5 million euros. Tottenham needs the Keane's return because it needs to raise its offensive level, because until now the Spurs is the 6th worse Premier League team if we talk about the best top scorer team and if it does not want any problem to remain in the Premier League, it must improve its offensive level and Keane can be the perfect solution to get it-by the way I think that this departure is a Liverpool´s mistake, because the second half of the season will be hard and it will be necessary many and experienced player, therefore I can not understand as Rafa Benitez goes without the experienced Robbie, because now he only will have Fernando Torres as striker with level and experience(we suppose that we will see Dirk Kuyt playing in the middle, carrying out the Keane´s role but I do not know if it will be enough)- 2-Shay Given (it was very clear that City needed a good and experienced goalkeeper and we can say that it hit with this acquisition (9 million), because Given is a goalkeeper with these 2 characteristics and at least Mark Hughes will not have problems in this position, but I still do not like Manchester City, because it will continue with its limited defensive line-even it will be worse because Tal Ben-Haim will play on loan at Sunderland- and it continues with its excess of strikers-Bellamy arrived and the unfortunate Brazilian Jo (his price was 24 million euros 6 months ago and his numbers at Manchester were 1 goal in 9 Premier´s games)will play on loan at Everton, which was looking for a striker to replace the injured Aiyegbeni Yakubu; Newcastle United (besides the Given´s departure-we will see if Newcastle does not regret this departure at the end of the season, because if the team had many defensive problems with Given (it is the 3 Premier´s team with more goal received), we will see what can happen with Sthepen Harper as the goalkeeper of the team-, the "magpies" have other changes, since it signed a good midfielder as Kevin Nolan-he arrives from Bolton (4.5 million euros)-and it bought the French left player Charles N'Zogbia, who will play at Wigan (7 million), after his personal problems with the Newcastle´s manager, Joe Kinnear; other Premiership´s news are the transfer of:El-Hadji Diouf arrives to Blackburn Rovers after a transfer fee of 4.5 million euros, - he can show a good performance alongside Benni McCarthy, Jason Roberts and Roque Santa Cruz-, Olivier Dacourt -the experienced French centre midfielder did not have any chance to play at Inter and he decided to try the English experience, playing at Fulham FC, where he must be an important player- and Theofanis Gekas and Angelos Basinas, who arrive to Portsmouth to replace the departure of Lass and Defoe respectively (good deal for player's agents Gerster / Koutsoliakos).

In addition to the English market, we have also had news on other leagues such as: 1-Spain: the 2 names in these last days have been Julien Faubert and Javier Aguirre. Perhaps the Faubert´s arrival to Real Madrid can be described as the surprise of the market and in fact Faubert said that when he had knowledge of the Real Madrid´s interest, he thought that it was a joke, which is the normal thought for a player who has not many chances to play at West Ham-Behrami is a better player and it is normal the Swiss player has a place in the starting lineup and Faubert on the bench, so please do not tell us strange stories to justify the Faubert´s situation at West Ham(by the way, Mijatovic, you said 6 months ago that Real Madrid´s squad was perfect and that there would be no new players on January, What has changed to sign Faubert?). The other name of the Spanish league is the ultraconservative coach Javier Aguirre, who, after a painful January, has been sacked from Atletico Madrid, which I think it is a good news, because Aguirre has demonstrated that he has not place in a big club and that he must improve in medium team to can return to a top club, if he can return sometime. This is the best solution, but it arrives with 2 years of delay, although now it was the best moment to make it because at this moment there was no dialogue between many players and the coach and besides many players did not have confidence in the coach and besides some players were angry with the coach, cause Aguirre had differential of some players. Alongside these 2 names, and the arrival of the Brazilian "tank" Pedro Oldoni to Real Valladolid-he did not score many goals in Atletico-PR-, we must emphasize the return of Ricardo Oliveira to Betis- Betis needed a good striker to resolve its offensive problems (8 million euros)-,Leo Ponzio to Real Zaragoza and the return to the Spanish Liga of the defender Raul Bravo and the goalkeeper Kelemen, who will play at Numancia.

2-Italy: The protagonist during the last days is Christian Panucci, who after saying that he was very happy at Rome and he wanted to finish his career at the Roman club, he protested after a Spalleti´s decision-Panucci was on the bench- and a complicated situation started, being the best solution the Panucci´s departure and therefore Spalleti wanted to strengthen the squad to replace Panucci and it got 2 young but experienced defenders, Marco Motta, who arrives from Udinese and Souleymane Diamoutene, who arrives on loan from Lecce.

3-Germany: The main transfer of the last few days-although we must wait some month to see him with his new club- is the transfer of Antoly Tymoschuk from Zenit to Bayern Munich, which is a great news for Bayern´s fans, because he is an excellent central midfielder-he is always at the correct place- and he will make a great job at Bayern, which is making a very good team for next season, because remember that it signed the good Croatian striker Ivica Olic, who will be arrive next July without a transfer. Moreover, we want to remark the arrival of veteran left player Jacek Krzynowek to Hannover96-he has an excellent shot with his left leg-, the transfer of Angelos Charisteas-his representatives are the duo Gerster/Koutsoliakos too- to Bayer Leverkusen to replace the Gekas´s departure (Charisteas is far from his best) and the changes at Hamburg, since finally the Thiago Neves´s dream came true and he left Hamburg after an unfortunate period and he returns to play on loan for Fluminense. To replace the Neves and Nigel de Jong´s departure, Hamburg has signed a goalkeeper Khalid Sinouh, a defender, Michael Gravgaard-arrived from Nantes-and 2 midfielder: Slavia Prague's Mickael Tavares-from Slavia Prague- and Albert Streit, who did not have many chances to play at Schalke 04 and he will try to have more minutes at Hamburg.
4-Turkey: The only important news in the Süper Lig in the last days is the confirmation of the arrival of experienced centre midfielder Fabian Ernst- 24 games with the German Natioanl team- to Besiktas (2.75 million), which needed a player with this profile to be definitely defensively a competitive team and to be a serious alternative to Galatasaray-for me Fenerbahçe has not chance to be the champion because it still continues playing horrible, depending on the individual quality- ve Lig adayları Galatasaray ve Besiktas vardır çünkü Fenerbahçe oynamaya devam korkunç-
(by the way Luis Aragones decided that Tümer Metin should play in other team and the veteran offensive midfielder will play on loan in the Greek Larisa)-.
These are the most important news of the last days, now we will see if these payers can be useful for the news clubs.
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