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domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

THE WINTER MARKET STARTS (article in English and Español)

We have just started the new year and it seems that the football´s teams are taking a break, because since we published the first article about the winter market-THE MARKET IS HERE (article in English and Español)-, we are not seeing many news about the football´s transfers. Perhaps the exception is the German Bundesliga, whose teams are the main protagonists of the winter market until this moment and especially the FC Bayern Munich, where we are seeing different kind of news during these days, both negative and positive. On the one hand, we see the result of one of the unknown factors of the article THE MARKET IS HERE (article in English and Español), because, finally Bayern will be the destination of the competitive Croatian striker Ivica Olic, since, as we announced last October in the article: THESE PLAYERS WILL BE FREE ON JUNE!(This article is available in English and Español),his SV Hamburg´s contract finishes this summer and finally he has decided to remain in the Bundesliga, but to play in the top German team-he will be a Bayern´s player from next summer until next June 30, 2012 -, whose offensive line will be spectacular with 3 excellent players-Klose, Toni and Olic (we must presume that Lukas Podolski will have another team in the following days-FC Cologne has many chances to be the Lukas´s destination-). On the other hand, Bayern has bad news too, since it is very probable that it loses an important player during the last seasons, because the experienced-he started his professional career in 1995 at Saint Étienne- French right back, Willy Sangol, has many chances to announce his retirement due to his Achilles tendon´s problem, which is a pity, because the competitive French player is only 31 year´s old and he should have many more season to show his potential.
Moreover, other German teams has changes, since the offensive-especially when it playing at home- VFL Wolfsburg has decided to strengthen the offensive line, with the acquisition of the skillful Japanese Yoshito Okubo, who will have another European opportunity after his Real Mallorca´s period (we will see if he can take advantages of the play of the Bosnian duo Misimovic (he is a wonderful player)-Edin Dzeko and he can show a good level). Besides the Romanian left midfielder Vlad Munteanu and the Argentine Diego Klimowicz look for minutes to show his quality and he will play in other teams- Munteanu arrives on loan to Arminia Bielefeld and the powerful Klimowicz, tired to be the substitute of Frei-Valdez-Zidan, arrives to VFL Bochum. Finally the other important German news is the arrival of the young talented offensive midfielder Timo Gebhart-under 19 European champion-, who will try to show that he is ready to play in the Bundesliga and he will play in an important team as VfB Stuttgart-it paid 3,2 million euros to TSV 1860 Munich-.
Other leagues: we have seen during these days the transfer of Federico "el Pocho" Insua to the Mexican Necaxa-the skilled and technical offensive midfielder will play with other Argentines (Pablo Quattrocchi, Eduardo Coudet, Pablo Gabas, Walter Gaitan and Alfredo Moreno) in this Aguascalientes´s team-, the transfer of the young Balkan pearl, the right midfielder Adem Ljajic to Manchester United from Partizan Belgrade-, the arrival of Dudu Aouate to Real Mallorca-the Israeli goalkeeper suffered a particular nightmare in La Coruna, since the Deportivo´s coach Miguel Angel Lotina did not trust on him and beside Dudu had a big incident with the other Deportivo´s goalkeeper, Munúa-, the transfer of Wayne Bridge to Manchester City-it was clear that the City needed defensive players but I do not know if it is the best solution to pay 13 million euros for this normal left back, who is not better than Javi Garrido-, the return of Custodio to Portuguese football after 2 "lost" years in the Dynamo Moscow where he was not lucky and now he will have another chance in Vitoria Guimaraes to show his abilities; and the arrival of the Serbian big striker Nikola Zigic to Racing Santander-we do not understand the reason of the bad Zigic´s performance during this Valencia´s period, because he has a good potential and goal´s instinct as he showed for example today, since he scored the decisive goal in the game between Real Valladolid and Racing Santander(it is sure that we will see again an excellent performance of the duo Munitis-Zigic).
These are the main news in the football´s market until this moment and of course we will pay attention to the future news in all the teams and especially in Real Madrid-if it continues with its ridiculous situation, as the Lass-Huntelaar´s problem with the Uefa-, in the Manchester City, in the possible arrival of the competitive and experienced striker Henrik Larsson to Olympique Marseille, the arrival of the Mexican strong midfielder Gerardo Torrado to Espanyol Barcelona and the news in the Turkish top team-we will see if Fenerbahçe signs a player from the Luis Aragones´s friend-agent, Pepe Navarro, who “casually” is the agent of Josico, who arrived to Fenerbahçe last summer…(by the way, these days, the protagonist in the Turkish league is the elegant Lincoln Cassio, because it is possible that the Galatasaray´s offensive midfielder acquires the Turkish nationality and ha can play with the Turkish national team, which would be a great news for this national team, because Lincoln is an excellent and determinant player).
We will see.

6 comentarios:

ERKUT dijo...

Olic good transfer for Bayern.Lincoln was bad last season butHe has got hight performance with 4. week this season.Baros ,Kewell and Lincoln very important for G.Saray.Turkish press read that Cska give 14 million € to Lincoln but G.Saray dont sale to him for Uefa and League.

gala dijo...

Ola Juan

Lincoln can be gr8 solution 4 Turkey's midfield...İf its gonna be realize we can dominate 2 world cup groups...
Love Lincoln till I die;)

Cenky dijo...

Lincoln can not play for Turkey in the next 3,5 years due to FIFA regulations. FIFA changed second nationality rules in 2008. So if a player wants to play his second nationality counry, he/she sould have been live for 5 years in this country.

Kova dijo...

Great post its interesting to see Bayern Munich have also signed Landon Donovan on loan now so will be interesting to see where he will fit in the team as i'm not sure they actually need him.

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks for the messages, Erkut, Gala,Cenky and Kova.
Yes Cenky, it is true your information, but we will see if the Turkish Federation imitates Real Madrid and it will go to the courts...
Lincoln is a brilliant player and he will be very important for the national team.
Well Kova, if there is a Podolski´s move, Donovan will be important if Klose or Toni have any problem during these months.
Thanks and regards.

Anónimo dijo...

ehh. nice post )

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