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viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: A FRAGILE MEMORY (article in English and Español)

People have a fragile memory in many cases and one example is the FC Chelsea´s coach, Mr Guus Hiddink, who criticized the labour of the FC Chelsea-FC Barcelona´s referee, talking about a possible conspiracy and that the referee´s labour was the worst labour that he has ever seen, which it sounds like a joke and bad excuses.
It sounds like a joke because, Mr Hiddink, if I remember correctly, you were the national coach of the Korean national team during the World Cup 02,¿do you remember the bad referee´s labour suffered by Italy and Spain when these teams played against Korea? ¿was it a FIFA´s conspiracy to see the host team playing the semi-finals?Perhaps, now he talks about a possible UEFA´s conspiracy because he knows how this business is.... By the way, Mr Hiddink, please, remember what you said about the strange decisions of the referee of the game Korea-Spain in the WC 02, Mr Gamal Ghandour, ¿do you remember that you said that the teams must think about the own mistakes and do not look for absurd excuses like the labour of the referee? ¿why do not you do now? I think because it is difficult to explain to the fans that your team was not able to have the ball´s possession and to score a second goal during the last 30 minutes of the games, when FC Barcelona played with 10 men after the Abidal´s red car. So, as it is difficult to say that your team committed mistakes during these minutes, I think it is easy to look for another culprit, the referee, who took wrong decisions according your opinion-if we read the rule 12 of the FIFA´s Laws of the game, we can find that “a direct free kick(or penalty) is also awarded to the opposing team if a player handles the ball DELIBERATELY, ¿do you think that the Samuel Eto´o and Piqué´s actions were deliberately?...-
So, Mr Hiddink, less excuses and more coherency and self-criticism and learn that your teams can not play in this way when your teams play against teams with players like Messi, Eto´o, Xavi or Iniesta, because the normal situation is that these players can score a goal in any moment, like last Wednesday when Andrés Iniesta scored the decisive goal in the last minute of the game.Finally, we want to congratulate Manchester United and FC Barcelona for theirs successful season and for their qualify to the Champions League´s final, in which we will see the 2 best teams of the year and of course both deserve to be in Rome next May 27.
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