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jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2009

BASKETBALL: THE RICKY´S DECISION (article in English and Español)

Finally the Ricky Rubio´s issue arrived to the final decision and the 18 year´s old Spanish guard arrived an agreement with the Regal FC Barcelona to play in this team during the next 6 seasons.
The truth is that the Ricky´s affair has been a very complicated issue and we have seen many thing and situation during the last 5 months: the player's decision to be in the NBA draft 09- the normal thing when a player of this level decides to be in a NBA Draft is that he and his agent (Dan Fegan) have things more or less clear about the future and the teams which have a real interest in his acquisition and obviously according to the result of the draft ( he was drafted with the fifth pick in the first round by the Minnesota Timberwolves), his agent did not make a good job-; unlucky Ricky's statements-I can not understand the statements appeared in some newspapers in which there was not a real interest to play in teams like Oklahoma City Thunder or Memphis Grizzlies and of course the normal thing occurred during the Draft and these teams did not choose Ricky Rubio-; Ricky and his agent´s bad decisions, since according to the Sacramento Bee, Dan Fegan declined to make a trial between Ricky and other rookies for the Sacramento Kings and this team, which was the team wanted by Ricky, did not choose the Spanish guard in the NBA draft-; the complicated situation between Ricky and his team(Joventut Badalona) when Ricky Rubio sued Joventut Badalona because he disagree about the sum of money that he had to pay to the team in order to play in other team-I think that Ricky and his parents signed the contract without any pressure, isn´t it?-; Ricky´s unclear statement about his NBA new team, Minnesota Timberwolves; the interest from teams like Olympiakos, Real Madrid, New York Knicks or Regal FC Barcelona to sign the young guard-finally the catalan team got the play of the Spanish guard after a transfer fee of 4.2 million euros, which means that it is the most expensive transfer in the history of the European basketball. We'll see if this transfer is a good business for FC Barcelona, since nowadays Ricky is just a good player, especially defensively, he is a player who FC Barcelona needed to complete the guard´s position, since Jaka Lakovic is especially a shooter and the other guard,Victor Sada, is worker player. But I do not know if to spend 6 millions euros in 2 years(transfer fee + the salary) in this player is the best idea,since this player has not a big experienced in crucial games, like other European guards like Sarunas Jasikevicius(4 times Euroleague´s champion), Theo Papaloukas(2 times Euroleague´s champion) or Dimitris Diamantidis (2 times Euroleague´s champion), who had cost less money. I think the Ricky´s presence is not a guarantee to win the Euroleague, but this was the Joan Laporta´s decision, which can be another example of his mismanagement-;an apparent agreement between the Joventut Badalona and Minnesota Timberwolves for the Ricky´s transfer at the last minute to play this year in the NBA-I do not know if this agreement was true, since there have been many half-truths about the Ricky´s situation during the last 5 months...So, Ricky generated much news during these months and certainly finally it was a bored issue, so we have to congratulate to see the end of this story. Now it's time to see Ricky on the floor, growing as a player and improving his 5-6 metres shot to have many chances to be in 2 years in the starting lineup of any NBA team. The European Championship starts next week and of course it will be a good place to see the Ricky´s play. Cheers,
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6 comentarios:

Mark dijo...

Hi there!
Rubio is regarded by some as the best European guard prospect ever.
I definitely think he'll be a great player because he is young and very skilled.
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Anónimo dijo...


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Carlos Fernandez


andre_vedder dijo...


Pessoal aqui todo o futebol e nba em directo entre e veja aonde poderá ver na sua tv.

Manu dijo...

I think that the situation of Ricky was very strange. I think he didn't want to play in NBA now, but he had preassure because he is considered a genius in Spain. I'm sure that he will be an important guard in the NBA in the next decade.

Cheers from

Anónimo dijo...

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fc barcelona miami gardens tickets dijo...

Yes i agree that he is a great player in this early stage and he got incredible skilled i really appreciate his performance.

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