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viernes, 4 de abril de 2008

THE ITALIAN PEARL (This article is available in English and Español)

After the analysis of the different teams such as AS Roma, Fenerbahçe, Schalke 04 or Getafe CF (we believe that Mr Beckenbauer will go to Getafe next week with more respect and humility after the game that Bayern Munich and Getafe CF played yesterday), now it's time to pay attention on some young players who will be very famous players in some seasons .Specifically, we will speak in this article about one player of the Italian Serie A´s, the young offensive midfielder Sebastian Giovinco.
Giovinco, who is a small offensive midfielder of 1.64 cm, 59 kg and 21 year´s old, was formed in Juventus Turin, and this season he is having the opportunity to show his tremendous qualities in a modest Serie A´s team,Empoli FC, where he is playing on loan, being the “Vecchia signora” the owner of his rights and possibly his next team, because if Juve wants to make a good season both in the Scudetto and in the Champions League, it will need a good squad and good replacements for the veterans of the team as Alex Del Piero.
Giovinco is a very imaginative player, with a great vision of the game and a tremendous individual technique both with his right leg-his best leg- and with his left leg. Moreover, he has an important speed in order to start a play, being very difficult for his opponents to stop this wonderful player. Besides he has a great shot and of course, he is a specialist for the free-kicks (this season he has scored 5 goals in Serie A, which is not a bad number for a midfielder) and he is a perfect assistant -although he can not show this quality in Empoli, because if we except Nicola Pozzi-injured for the rest of the season - and the experienced Saudati, the rest of the strikers of the team( Salvatore Caturano, Levan Mc-Hedlidze and Rey Volpato) are very young and inexperienced players; but instead he can show all his abilities when he plays with Italian under 21 team ( he has played 7 games with the under21) because he is surrounded in this team by good players who know to take advantage of the excellent passes of Giovinco, scoring a lot of goals players like the Villarreal´s striker Giuseppe Rossi or the young striker of Cagliari, Robert Acquafresca-Inter Milan has his rights-(this is a potent Italian -Polish striker with a great instinct to score goals both with his right leg-his best keg-and with his left leg and with his head-as the goal that he scored against AC Milan-.He has scored 6 goals this season in Serie A and 5 goals with 7 games with the Italian under 21 team, taking advantage of the great passes of Giovinco) -.
We will see Giovinco´s future, if Claudio Ranieri will rely on this player, becoming an important player in this historical team, or if the player will have a very secondary role, having to look for another team and maybe another championship-the Spanish league can be a good destination in order to show his tremendous potential. We recommend to all our readers to follow the future of this good player as well as the new group of good young Italian players, as Acquafresca, Fabio Quagliarella-we spoke about him last September in this blog and we can say that he is playing very well with Antonio Di Natale in Udine-,the AC Milan´s striker Alberto Paloschi, “laziales” Rolando Bianchi or De Silvestre, or the Roman Aquiliani and Stefano Okaka Chuka, or “juventinos” Palladino, Nocerino,Chiellini,or the Fiorentina´s striker Giampaulo Pazzini.

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Yesterday, Torino 0- Empoli 1. Vannuchi scored the goal, thanks a Giovinco´s assistance.

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