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jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

THE NORMAL AND LOGICAL DECISION (article in English and Español)

Finally, Aziz Yildirim, the re-elected president of Fenerbahçe yielded to the pressure and he decided to dismiss, after a bad season, the peculiar Luís Aragonés, who continues with his bad behaviour and the other day, when he arrived to Madrid, he insulted an Antena3TV´s journalist. The truth is that this dismissal was quite predictable because the team showed a very poor level during the season and almost every week the team "delighted" with it slow, apathetic, without concentration play, thinking that Fenerbahçe could win the games in anyway and obviously it is almost impossible to win playing with this way and although the players have quality. Aragones can not excuse saying that the players did not have the enough level, since this team is almost the same during the Zico´s period, when Fenerbahçe showed a very nice and quickly play.
In fact, if we analyze the results obtained by Luís, we see that Fenerbahçe showed a good performance when it played against the top Turkish teams(it only lost one game, the played at Sivasspor´s stadium) and therefore it means that the team was good and it had many chances to win the Süper Lig´s title but Luis was not able to motivate the players when they had “easy” games against modest teams, which found an easy rival when they played against Fenerbahçe, since the Istambul´s team was in these games a team without ideas, with many problems in all the lines: Güiza or Semih Sentürk played very lonely, the team played many times without a specific right midfielder, the defensive line was very fragile, players like Deivid or Kazim-Kazim playing very far from their best level…and besides the team did not have a boss on the bench, since Luís Aragonés was not able to look for solutions and many times he committed many mistakes with the tactics or the substitutions, seeming that he had not the control of the team and that the players did what they wanted, seeing that the coach did not take any drastic decision- like for example when he decided to dispense with Raúl during his period as Spanish national coach. If he had taken these decisions during his Fenerbahçe´s period, maybe the team had performed better, but he was not brave-. So, it was clear that Luis Aragonés could not continue as Fenerbahçe coach and it is normal and logic the decision of the president. We will see the future of the "Wise" of Hortaleza and of the Fenerbahçe, which has signed as coach the German Christoph Daum, who must decide about the future of the other Spanish members of Fenerbahçe,Dani Güiza and Josico-we think that Josico will not continue (his performance has been very irregular and nowadays he is worse than other Fenerbahçe´s midfielders like Selcuk Sahin) and that Güiza will prolong his stay in Istanbul (he finished very well his correct season. He had many troubles to show his best level because he suffered the bad Luis Aragones´s decisions during the season).
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tayfun gökalp dijo...



Juan y Fer dijo...

Gracias Tayfun Gökalp por el mensaje. La verdad es que desconozco quién tiene el poder real en el Fenerbahçe, pero una cosa estaba clara, Aragonés no podía continuar tras la mala temporada.
Gracias y saludos.

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