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viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

"THE SERBIAN" HAS CHOSEN (article in English and Español)

During the last days, names like Kaká, Ribéry, Samuel Eto'o or Zlatan Ibrahimovic monopolized the information of the some media, talking about their future, but in Saqueneutral we want to speak about another name whose immediate future just be decided. We refer to the best handball player in the world, the French Nikola "the Serbian" Karabatic, who after the defeat in the final of the EHF Handball Champions League against the Ciudad Real, announced that he will not continue playing in THW Kiel, which is the best team of the powerful Bundesliga. During recent weeks the handball´s fans was eager to know if the rumour about a new Karabatic´s destination was true and which team would be the “winner”, being the top candidates 2 teams like Ciudad Real-current European Champion- and especially the powerful FC Barcelona, whose president, Joan Laporta wants to have again a great handball´s team. Finally, as we say, the rumour was confirmed and Karabatic has decided to finish his successful period in the powerful German Bundesliga, where he has won many Championships-1 EHF Champions League (2 times he lost the final), 5 German leagues, 2 German cups and 1 EHF Champions Trophy- and surprisingly, rejecting an important FC Barcelona´s bid, he has decided to sign for “his team”, the team where he started to be a handball´s star and where he won his first Champions League, this team is the Montpellier Handball, a team with prestige, but it is or was during the last years in a step below the top teams. The reasons to leave to leave Kiel and to discard the FC Barcelona´s bid to sign with Montpellier are: he has illusion to play with his brother Luka and besides he wants to come back home, playing in a league less competitive and demanding as the French league and thus be 100% in the Champions League and the French national team´s game, and finally, of course there is an economic component, since Nikola has some businesses in that area and he can control better these business playing in Montpellier. Anyway, the arrival of this European (2006), World (2009) and Olympic (2008) Champion is a great news for Montpellier, which will be a candidate with the help of Karabatic and other players like Michaël Guigou, Vid Kavticnik or Joel Abati to conquer again the EHF Champions League, which is a great news to all the fans too, because a sport is more important if there are a lot of strong teams from various countries.
Good luck, Nikola.
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