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jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

NBA: DECISIVE DAYS FOR SERGIO RODRIGUEZ (article in English and Español)

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These days seem decisive to the future of Sergio Rodriguez in Portland Trail Blazers, because after the injury of Steve Blake-the habitual guard in the starting line up-, we will see once if the coach Nate McMillan trust or does not trust in the” Spanish Chocolate”. The truth is that Sergio is not having much luck in his NBA´s adventure, because until this moment he only showed off his tremendous value in concrete moments- an example was a game against Denver Nuggets a year ago where his numbers were: 23 points and 11 assists in 30 minutes-, but the truth is that he has not had many opportunities to play-in fact he is playing 14 minutes per game during this season-, because the conservative Nate McMillan dislikes the fast and imaginative Sergio´s play and he prefers players with a completely different style for the playmaker´s position -in fact the guard in the starting line up is Steve Blake, who is a good shooter and he does not commit many turnovers but a team with aspirations to the title must have in the roster a better playmaker, because the Blake´s numbers as playmaker are poor: 4.7 assists in 31 minutes per game (NBA rank 31)-. It is true that since the Sergio´s agent requested of a transfer-it was last November-, it seemed that Nate changed his opinion about Sergio and he had more minutes on the floor, the fact is that it was a mirage and now we are seeing the habitual situation during the last seasons: Sergio Rodriguez on the bench and without many chances to play and of course many rumours about his future(there were possible interests from teams like Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns and now the latest rumour is from the Madison Square Garden, since there is the possible interest from the New York Knicks to acquire this guard- the first rumour was Sergio to New York and the center- forward David Lee to Portland (David Lee is playing very well and his numbers during this season are 15 points and 11 rebounds, so I do not believe that the Knicks wants to follow from this player) and now the latest is the transaction Sergio Rodriguez-Nate Robinson(I think that it would not be a good acquisition for Blazers, because Nate is a similar player to Steve Blake, cause he is a good scorer but even he is worse player than Blake if we talk about the assists per game... so, Nate is not a necessary player for Blazers, because Portland has an incredible and excellent shooter as the super star Brandon Roy, so I think that best thing for Blazer is only one Nate in the team-although it also would be a good news if Blazers have other coach- and this Nate must trust on Sergio Rodriguez-by the way I think it would be a great news for Sergio this transaction to New York because it is sure that the phenomenal Mike D'Antoni, who wants a fast and dynamic play, would trust on the style of Sergio, who is the 7th best player in the NBA in number of assist every 48 minutes (10,2 assists) during this season-.
So, many rumours, but one thing is clear, these following games will be decisive to see the Sergio´s future, because if when Steve Blake is injured, Nate McMillan does not give minutes to Sergio and we see Sergio on the bench and the rookie Jarryd Bayless on the floor-Yesterday Bayless made an "exhibition" against Sixers, cause his numbers were 5 points (1-11! FGP), 0 assists, 2 turnovers and 2 rebounds in 25 minutes played ... spectacular!!!-, it will mean that the Sergio´s period at Blazers will arriving to the end and that the best thing that could happen to both sides is a transaction.
Tonight we will have the first clue in the game between Portland Trail Blazers and New Jersey Nets.
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