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jueves, 8 de enero de 2009

THE REAL MADRID´S "BATTLE" (article in English and Españo)

Real Madrid continues with its particular ridiculous situation since it signed Lass and Huntelaar and the president of the Spanish giant, Ramon Calderon and his big assistants, specially the "great" Pedja Mijatovic, are showing every day that they are the worst executives in the Spanish football during the last years. It seems that they think that the “big” teams are above the law and that they have the power to make anything when they want, since if there is a “bad” rule, it can get that the Federations change this rule or do not apply the rule to these teams, as for example when the coach Frank Rijkaard arrived to FC Barcelona , since although Rijkaard did not fulfil the requisite to coach in the Spanish liga, he did not have any problem to work with FC Barcelona (the regulations of the Spanish Football Federation established in Article 242 that the foreign coaches may work for a professional club if they have the licence and besides they have coached a first division for not less than 3 years) ... but of course, FC Barcelona is another great and of course it is important to Mr Villar (the terrible president of the Spanish Football Federation) that big clubs, as FC Barcelona, do not have any problem, since it is fundamental the FC Barcelona´s support in order to be the President of the Spanish Football Federation. Something similar is happening now with Real Madrid, whose directors seems that they are only in this club to appear in the photos and to earn money, because they are unable to read 43 pages of the Uefa regulations-it is possible that they argue that the text is only in English and they do not understand it, jejeje- adopted last March 2008, whose articles 17.17 and 17.18 are very precise and clear when they say: ”For all matches from the start of the first knockout round, a club may register a maximum of three new eligible players for the remaining matches in the current competition. Such registration must be completed by1 February 2009 at the latest. This deadline cannot be extended.
17.18 One player from the above quota of three who has played UEFA club competition matches for another competing club in the current season may exceptionally be registered, provided that the player has not been fielded:
− in the same competition for another club
− for another club that is currently in the same competition”.

So the rules are clear-only exceptionally a player be registered-and of course Real Madrid goes to TAS for nothing and it is absurd to alleged the force majeure-article 30 of the Regulations of the Uefa Champions League-, since it is ridiculous to say that the injury of 3!!! players is a situation of force mejeur; please, common sense! Force majeure was for example the Manchester United´s air crash in 1958 but to include 3 injured players as cause of force majeure is a bad joke and a recourse to “hide” the Mijatovic´s mismanagement last summer- remember that he said the squad was perfect and complete and that Real Madrid would not sign any players during the winter market ... what a visionary, what knowledge of the squad! It seems clear that his time at Real Madrid is coming to the end (if he has a bit of dignity, he should resign and if he continues “working” in Real Madrid, his role should be limited to speak to the medias after the games, as FC Barcelona´s football director Txiqui Beguiristain, because these 2 men are not ready to have more functions)-. We will await the TAS´s decision, awaiting that it rejects the Real Madrid´s plea, because if it admits its plea, TAS will penalize teams like Liverpool FC- it is clear that the "reds" can not have the problem of Real Madrid, because Rafa Benitez has worked well in recent years and he has a complete squad with good player in all the lines (Carragher, Agger, Arbeloa, Skrtl, Dossena, Fabio Aurelio or Degen in the defensive line; Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Mascherano, Leiva, Benayoun or Riera in the midfielder line and Kuyt, Torres or Keane as strikers) - ,which worked according to the rules and they planned and signed the adequate players during the summer for all the season. Real Madrid should emulate this teams and it must work well under the current regulations, without favours from the Uefa, as if Real Madrid has the control of the Uefa .... I wonder what would happen if Liverpool FC was the team with this “genial” idea-to register a player infringing the law-, it is clear that it this case we would see a Real Madrid and journalists as Roberto Gomez ´s campaign against Uefa and Liverpool FC, wanting a non adulterated competition ... Anyway, we must wait the decision knowing that when Mr Platini appears, anything is possible specially if Mr Platini imitates Mr Villar and he wants a Real Madrid´s favour in the future and in this case we should be not amazed if we will see Huntelaar and Lass playing the Champions League´s game against Liverpool FC.
We will see.

3 comentarios:

Chechu dijo...

Me parecerá injusto que le dieran permiso al Madrid para poder incluir a los dos jugadores, Lass y Huntelaar. Sería todo un error, despreciando así al resto de equipos que no incumplen la regla aun pudiendo hacerlo para mejorar sus equipos. Y lo dice un madridista.


PD: Se te olvida Babel en la lista de delanteros del Liverpool ;), praa mí, todo un crack

ERKUT dijo...

Barca very good this time also Real have got one chamge transfer but Calderon and Mijatovic dont .for example Lassana and Huntelear

Anónimo dijo...

Lo del Madrid es de verbena de pueblo, te compras papeletas para la tómbola y nunca toca.

Por cierto, en mi blog ya dispongo de mi nueva encuesta y de muchos más post sobre el fútbol de las islas, un fútbol apasionante que descubrí recientemente y que vale la pena seguir de cerca. Ya se han disputado tres jornadas y el torneo está siendo apasionante. Te lo recomiendo. Me gustaría que participaras de él bien comentando, bien votando o por qué no, haciendo ambas cosas. Un saludo y enhorabuena por tu blog.

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