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sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

NBA: THE DERRICK ROSE´S SHOW (article in English and Español)

The NBA playoffs started this Saturday and it has done with a first big surprise, since the current champion, the Boston Celtics, missed Kevin Garnett and suffered unexpected defeat at home(the final result was 103-105 after an overtime) in the first game of the series against Chicago Bulls, whose win was especially thanks to a sublime Derrick Rose.

It was an impressive Derrick Rose´s game, showing that he is the best rookie of this season and that he is destined to be a significant player in this competition over the coming years. His 50 minutes on the floor of the TD Banknorth Garden can be described as excellent, because during those minutes, we watched a display of an example of a good playmaker (11 assists with a great connection between Rose and the French center Noah), shot, layup shots and good defense of Derrick Rose, who scored 36 points (12-19 FGP and 12-12 FT)-he is one of the best rookie scorers in a playoff debut in the NBA´s history (he tied the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) - with “impossible” shots , as his first 2 points shot in the third quarter or some 2 points shots during the final minutes of the fourth quarter and showing that he has an excellent performance when he is playing under pressure, since for example he made 2 essential FT during the decisive moments of the game. Anyway, he played as an star and besides he was helped by the intensity of the French center Joakim Noah-17 rebounds!, 11 points (many ally oops thanks to the Rose´s passes), 3 blocks-, by the excellent Ben Gordon´s last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter, by the good and intense minutes of Kirk Hinrich, by the incredible success of Tyrus Thomas during the overtime –he made some essential 5-6 meters shots- and by the painful game of the one of the Boston Celtics´s starts, Ray Allen, who is emulating his pathetic start of the playoffs during last season and today he made an "exhibition" and finished the game with 4 points (1-12 FGP) – to win this first game of this Playoffs´s series, where Chicago Bulls confirmed its good level during the last game of the Regular Season.

We'll see what will be the Boston Celtics´s reaction after this disappointed game, played without the classical Boston´s intensity- especially during the first half-, and without two members of the Boston´s "Big Three"- Garnett was injured and Allen was very unlucky-, which is a big advantage to the rivals, because it is not enough to win this kind of games the good labour of Paul Pierce (23 points, with 8-21 FGP), Rajon Rondo (29 points, good game although maybe he made too risked plays-9 rebounds and 7 assists) and Glen "Big Baby" Davis (18 points).
The answer will be next Monday at Boston.

4 comentarios:

Yaşar dijo...

rose now play good but 3 game later ? the same play ı dont know but rose is going to superstar players

mediterraneo87 dijo...

felicitaciones para esto blog, lleno de noticias dal mùndo del deporte. Yo soy un culè italiano y tengo un blog 101% blaugrana:
Que vengas cuando quieres ;)

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks for the messages, Yasar and Mediterraneo87.
Rose will be a superstar during the next years.

Anónimo dijo...

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