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jueves, 2 de abril de 2009

TURKEY-SPAIN, THE WORLD CUP IS NEAR FOR SPAIN (article in English and Español)

Of course the news of the days was the tremendous Argentina´s defeat at Bolivia(6-1…I think Juan Román Riquelme is happy with this big Maradona´s defeat), but on this article we will pay attention to other interesting game played this Wednesday between Turkey and Spain, where we could see the mark of a champion team, Spain.
It is true that the Spanish team did not play its best game and if we exclude 15 minutes during the first half and different phases during the second half, when we saw good Spanish plays-good passes and combinations between the Spanish players-, “la roja” had many problems to counteract the Turkish play and specially since Semih Sentürk scored the first goal of the game-Marchena was sleeping during the Semih´s goal-, because from that moment, Spain came down a bit during some minutes. But the big teams and the teams with a winning mentality are those, whose maximum performance appears during the complicated games, with a very hostile environment such as this Ali Sami Yen´s game. And this is what Spain did yesterday, since the Spanish team started the match pretty well-especially after the minute 10- and it seemed that it had everything under control until a pass from Arda Turan-maybe he and Mehmet Aurelio were the best Turkish players in this game- to Tuncay Sanli arrived and the Middlesbrough´s forward “helped” by an asleep Carlos Marchena assisted to the Fenerbahçe´s striker Semih Sentürk, who was alone and scored the first goal of the game in the minute 26. Since this moment, we saw some minutes of an Spanish collapse-it was during the rest of the first half and during some minutes of the second half-until a Volkan Demirel´s mistake arrived-for the umpteenth we could see another mistake of this goalkeeper, who is not having his best season and of course (as we said in the last article)it was very normal to see a Volkan Demirel´s mistake during these 2 games against Spain-. The Demirel´s mistake was profited by Fernando Torres, since “El Niño” could force a penalty-his shot was stopped by the hand of the defender Ibrahim Üzülmez- and Xabi Alonso did not miss the penalty and equalized the game-minute 63-(by the way, Xabi Alonso did not have a good days, since he was very imprecise many times). From that moment we saw a very open game, because the Turkey had to win the game to continue with chances to play next World Cup and of course both team had clear options to score, since the Turkish team pushed the Spanish defensive line-Turkey was very close to score when Sentürk could not profit a great Gökhan Gönül´s pass- and Spain profited the important spaces in the Turkish defensive line and it has a great chance to score in a play between Piqué, Santi Cazorla-he received a great 30 metres´s pass from Gerard Piqué- and Fernando Torres and finally it scored the decisive goal when the controversial Dani Güiza took advantage of a great shot of Marchena and the slow Hakan Balta and he assisted to Albert Riera, who was alone and he could score the last goal of the game -at the end Turkey paid the 35 year´s old of the defender Emre Asik and Ibrahim Üzülmez-. The goal arrived in the minute 92 and of course it was decisive for see another Spanish win-it has won its last 11 games played and besides its last defeat was 31 games ago!!!- and now “la roja” is very close to South Africa, where we will see whether Turkey will play, because after this game it is quite complicated its qualify, although if the Fatih Terim´s men play like against Spain, they should have no problems in the other games, especially if we see players like the central defender Cetin and Zan and if players like Kazim-Kazim or Nihat have a better performance –the Villarreal´s striker has not scored any goals during this season-and if we see playing the brothers Altintop, Mehmet Topuz, Mehmet Topal or Ugur Boral and if the Fatih Terim´s decisions are better and we see experienced players in the important moments of the games- I do not understand how could play the decisive moments of this important games players like Batuhan Karadeniz (17 year´s old) and Nuri Sahin (20 year´s old), who are not used to assume this responsibility and to play these game ... anyway, this is Terim. After the Wednesday´s games-Bosnia beat Belgium2 (Dzeko)-1 (Swerst)- the group 5 is:
1-Spain, 18 points
2 Bosnia-Herzegovina, 12 points
3-Turkey, 8 points
4-Belgium, 7 points
5-Estonia, 5 points
6-Armenia, 1 point
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