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miércoles, 30 de enero de 2008


We will analyser the principal transfers closed since 23-1-08 until 29-1-08 in the present article. During this period we can say that the Italian clubs and the defensive´s players are the protagonists of the main numbers of the transactions.
Possibly, the name of these days is Mohamed Lamine “Momo” Sissoko, who has changed Liverpool for the Italian giant Juventus Torino. Claudio Ranieri, Juventus´s coach, was unhappy with the level of the midfielder Almiron-he will play on loan in Monaco- and he has pushed to close this deal of Sissoko, cause he knows very well this defensive midfielder, since both coincided in Valencia during 2004-05 season, and he thinks that this is the player necessary in order to be a solid team. We will see if Momo converts in the new Emerson, he has many options to be, although he must be calmer in the field, cause sometime he beats the rivals with hardness. But Juventus has more news in the defensive´s zone, because la vecchia signora sold Boumsong to Olympique Lyonnais for 3 million euros and it has bought –on loan- the Italian central defender, Guglielmo Stendardo from la Lazio. Stendardo is a hard defender and he was playing well with la Lazio, so we do not understand very well this transfer, since la Lazio will need this player in order to be competitive and to play next year in Serie A. Moreover, la Lazio has lost the right back, Lionel Scaloni, who will play until the end of this season in Spanish first division team Real Mallorca. So, we think that the laziale club can have defensive problem if it have any injury of the best defensive players- Cribari and Behrami-, we will see if the following days it will sign any other player, besides the young left back, Stefan Andrei Radu-6 times with Romanian National team-, who arrives on loan until the end of the season from Dinamo Bucharest.
We also should talk about the news from White Hart Lane, since his coach Juande Ramos wants to eliminate the defensive ´s problems of the team and he has decided to change the defensive´s line, buying 2 news players for the moment, the central defender Jonathan Woodgate- he is a good player, but he has the problem of his constant injuries- and the young Scottish right back Alan Hutton (Tottenham will pay for these two transfers around 25 million euros)
Other defensive players, who have changed the club during these days, are Federico Balzaretti, Sebastian Prödl and Nikolaso Spyropoulos. Balzaretti was tired to see Pasqual all the games as the left back of the Fiorentina and he will try to have minutes to show his abilities in US Palermo-it paid 3,8 million for him-; the Austrian, Prödl, is a central defender with a very good talent and future, he is only 20 year´s old, and he will play next season in Werder Bremen-it will pay 2,5 million to SK Sturm Graz for his transfer-. Finally, Spyropoulos is the new left back of greek giant Panatinaikos in order to have a competitive team and to try to win the Greek league-there is a big equality between Panatinaikos, AEK and Olympiakos-.
Moreover, we must emphasize other names as Denny Landzaat, who return to Holland to play with Feyernoord, after 2 season with Wigan Athletic.The Rotterdam´s team continue the signature of the experimental players as Roy Makaay, Gio Van Bronckhorst, Theo Lucius or Michael Mols, we will see if this is a good option and it will win the championship this season-there is a nice fight between Feyernoord, Psv and Ajax ( the Amsterdam´s club has found in the Swedish Rasmus Lindgren the replacement for Maduro in the Swedish Rasmus Lindgren, who arrive from Groningen for 2,5 million euros).
Finally, we must talk about the unlucky strikers Milan Baros and Ewerthon. The first has not find his place in le Championat and he comes back to England (Portsmouth) in order to have more chances to play and to arrive correctly to the Euro Cup this summer (we think that it is a good decision for Baros, cause he needs spaces in order to exploit his speed). We can say the same of the brazilian Ewerthon, who had not any option in Stuttgart and he returns to Spain, where he has a good name after 2 season with Real Zaragoza. He will play in Espanyol Barcelona on loan until the end of season and he will try to be a good substitute of Raul Tamudo, who is injured and he will be different months out from the squad.

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