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viernes, 27 de junio de 2008

EURO 08:THE FINAL (This article is available in English and Español)

Finally we have the final of EURO 08 between Germany and Spain. It will be a very open game between two good teams, but if we take into account the circumstances of each team, we think that Spain should have the role of favourite to win the final. We say that Spain is the favourite for several reasons:
1-It is incomprehensible that the "Mannschaft" has a very lamentable goalkeeper as Jens Lehmann, who does not transmit any security and of course he is an exception to the tradition of good German goalkeepers in the National team (for example: Sepp Maier, Harald Schumacher, Bodo Illgner, Andreas Köpke or Oliver Kahn when he was in his best level-). I do not understand as a goalkeeper who is in the bench with his team and when he played with Arsenal this year, he did it not very well, can play in the National team, leaving in the bench or outside the call good goalkeepers, who have played with their clubs as for example the Valencia CF´s player Timo Hildebrand-ok, he has not had his best season in Valencia, but ¿ who has played well in Valencia CF this year? For example neither David Villa, neither Carlos Marchena, neither David Silva have played well this season, but fortunately for Spain they are in the Spanish squad, playing very well.

2-Anyway, the German team has more problems, since for example it has a lot of problems with defensive line, because this line is comprised of players very slow as the right back Arne Friedrich, or the central defenders Per Mertesacker and Christoph Metzelder-it is also very debatable the Joachim Löw´ decision about the call of the Real Madrid´s central defender, because Metzelder has been injured almost all season and when he played, he did no show too well level and he is the most vulnerable point of the German team for us, specially if we bear in mind the rival in the Final, the quick Fernando Torres.
3-A part of the German defensive problems, the fact is that Germany shows many doubts, since it has had enough problems during the Euro when it played against teams as good as Croatia or Portugal-ok, Germany won this game, but it was because Portugal has a problem with the goalkeeper (we can say practically that Portugal plays without goalkeeper)-or a correct team and with a lot of absences as Turkey, or even when it played against the innocent Austria. So I think that Germany will suffer a lot against Spain-this team plays better than these 4 national teams mentioned –, being the only German options to win or a individual and concrete play of Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger-they are the best German players in this competition, showing an excellent level (it is spectacular the performance of Lukas Podolski with the Mannschaft, both in the attack-he has scored 3 goals- and as defender, helping the left back Philipp Lahm) - or the shoots and plays of Michael Ballack , because the other Germans players are very predictable-competitive but predictable-.
4 - Spain is also the most favourite thanks the game that it has shown until this moment, since the Spanish players have shown spectacular moments with fast and accurate play, which is virtually unstoppable, showing a very high level all players-especially Iker Casillas (always a guarantee), the “lung” Senna and an spectacular Silva-, including Andres Iniesta, Sergio Ramos, Cesc Fàbregas and Carlos Marchena. I mention these 4 players because on the one hand, Iniesta and Ramos began the championship with many doubts, which have been completely cleared after the semi-finals against Russia, since both played very well. On the other hand, Marchena is a surprise because he is playing really well, with security, good behaviour and good play –I do not remember this player, playing in this way!-and so we can say that we are seeing the same Fàbregas in the Spanish national team and in Arsenal-as he said before to shot the decisive penalty against Italy, "I have to prove" and he has finally succeeded and he played very well against Russia-including 2 assist (to Güiza in the Spanish second goal and to Silva in the Spanish third goal). In short, we believe that Spain is a better team and if the Spanish players play with concentration, with winning mentality, without fear, playing as they know, they will win the game and the title of Champion of Europe will return to Spain after 44 years.

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Anónimo dijo...

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Juan y Fer dijo...

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Devo dijo...

lehmann es de lo peor de alemania, no valla a ser que los perjudique en la final
veo bien a españa para esto

si queres pasar, subi una previa de la gran final de la euro

un saludo


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