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lunes, 23 de junio de 2008

EURO 2008:THE WORST PLAYERS OF THE FIRST ROUND (This article is available in English and Español)

After the analysis of the best players during the first round of Euro 08, now it's time to speak about the worst players of this first round.

There are several candidates to be the worst goalkeeper of the championship, since for example we saw many things during the last few minutes of the game between Turkey-Czech Republic, but especially we saw some unforgivable mistakes both of the Czech goalkeeper Petr Cech-although he could have one excuse, the rain-and of the Turkish goalkeeper Volkan Demirel, who showed that he should mature if he wants to be a good player, cause his aggression to Czech striker Jan Koller was incomprehensible and very dangerous for his team, because it is very normal that this aggression have one result: red car and penalty. But although these 2 goalkeeper played bad, there is another goalkeeper who has obtained the award of the worst goalkeeper, the Greek Antonios Nikopolidis, who played horrible, being the main culprit of the bad results of the Greek team, because he “showed” his mistakes in each game, as for example his strange and slow conduct during the goal of the Swedish Petter Hansson and when the Russian Semak had the ball and he passed the ball to Zyryanov, who scored an easy goal.


Clearly, the worst defensive line in the tournament has been the Polish defenders, who showed an horrible level in all the games and of course it is impossible to win a game if you have a problem in the defensive line-it's OK to entrust in Boruc, but until one limit, cause neither Boruc can save so many shots, although he really played very well and one thing is clear, Poland had received a lot of goals with other goalkeeper-.The Polish defenders played without coordination and very slow, leaving the rival strikers always alone against the goalkeeper (I do not understand the results of Portugal against Poland during the qualifying round, since Portugal did not beat Poland). So it was a disaster, although it was not the only one, since we had other “good” examples as our "friends" Sagnol, Thuram and Abidal. As we said in the article about France, Domenech committed a big mistake with the presence of these players in the squad, because these players have not shown a decent level during this season in their respective teams and of course they showed an insufficient level during the Euro, such as the Spanish right back Sergio Ramos, who is unrecognizable, since he is playing without the necessary tension and concentration, doing absurd things during the game against Russia and being “a spectator” when Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a goal against Spain-even yesterday, he was the worst Spanish defender against Italy-.He must change his attitude for the semi-final game against Russia, because in other case Yuri Zhirkov will be a big problem for Spain.

We saw a good level in this position, thus the players more or less played wit the expected level and of course that we can not ask for the impossible and if a player does not have quality, we can only expect that he carries out his assigned functions, nothing more. However, it hoped more things in some players like Andres Iniesta-really I expected much more in this case, since he is like Sergio Ramos, an unrecognizable player, being an “absent” player, without tension and the necessary participation (except an assistance to Villa in the first game against Russia, I do not remember anything remarkable-even he played not very well against Italy yesterday-). Alongside Iniesta, another disappointment is the Turkish Gökdeniz Karadeniz. I do not know if as he left the Trabzonspor and now he is playing at Rubin Kazan-with a good salary-, he can play relaxed and without the necessary effort, but this is not the same player that I watched other competitions. It is a pity to see this good player, playing with the poor level that he showed in the game against Switzerland or playing only 3 minutes of the game against Croatia. He will have a big chance to change and to show his abilities this Wednesday against Germany, since he will play sure all the game and one thing is clear if Turkey wants to have any option to win the semi-final, it needs the best of this player, cause Fathih Terim will have the absence of Volkan Demirel, Servet Cetin, Emre Güngör, Emre Asik, Emre Belözoglu, Tümer Metin, Arda Turan, Tuncay Sanli and Nihat Kahveci.


As in the case of defence, we must remark the horrible competition of the complete Austrian offensive line, because the Austrian striker wasted the good passes of Invanschitz and the good plays of Umit Korkmaz and they missed a lot of attempts to score a goal, and of course without goals, it is very difficult to pass the next round. But apart from the Austrians, we must also mention the unlucky championship of the German Mario Gomez-this player seems that he is not ready to play under a big pressure and he is not doing anything during this tournament and in fact Joachim Low left him on the bench in the match against Portugal- and of the French player Nicolas Anelka, who is confirming what we said in the article about France, since he is nor ready to play neither in a big club neither important games with the French National (for example he only scored 1 goal with Chelsea –he missed a penalty in the Champions League´final-)-anyway Domenech has what it deserves, ¿where was David Trézéguet? -

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