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sábado, 14 de junio de 2008

THE FINAL IS ARRIVING TO THE END (This article is available in English and Español)

After the disastrous 3rd and 4th quart of game 4 of the NBA Finals, we can say that the Los Angles Lakers has lost the Nba´s title, because I see virtually impossible that the Californian´s team can win 2 games in the complicated TD Banknorth Garden –excellent fan, with a lot of noise! -.
The truth is that our forecasts are being fulfilled more or less, since the key of the final is the “Big three”´s points and percentages –the team whose “Big three” scores more points in this Final (we must remark the excellent final of Ray Allen, who is playing better during the final´s series with and average of 20 points per game and 52% in field goal´s percentage) - because as we said in other article the rest of the players are very irregular and we can not expect too much from them-for example Sasha Vujacic or Leon Powe can show an excellent level in one game, but we do not have news from them in other games-. In fact, Phil Jackson does not rely much on them and he does not grant many minutes to bench´s players, which has been a mistake because after a regular season and all the Playoff, players like Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol or Lamar Odom are tired and they need rest during the games in order to play 100%, since for example the Boston Celtics has many players in the paint-Glen Doc Rivers has as alternative to Kevin Garnett, players like Kendrick Perkins, Leon Powe or PJ Brown-, on the other hand Phil Jackson in the practice is only playing with Gasol and Odom in the paint, which is a mistake and maybe players like Chris Mihm-although he was injured and he does not arrive 100% to the final- and especially Didier Ilunga Mbenga could play; of course that Mbenga is not very good offensive player, but he is strong and powerful and he can do a good job during some minutes against players like Leon Powe and PJ Brown and so Gasol and Odom can worry only about Kevin Garnett.

But this is not the only Phil Jackson´s mistake, because we think that he committed more mistakes during this Final, since for example we do not understand on the hand the presence of 5 bench´s players, playing together at the same time-the Boston Celtics got a difference of 10-0 during these minutes, so it was a bad Phil Jackson´s decision- and the other hand we do not understand the situation in last quarter of game 4, when Derek Fisher was in the bench and Jordan Farmar was playing during the important minutes of the game, because Farmar is not used to play this kind of games and if he has an important shot, he misses it. In short, there were concrete mistakes, but there were important, especially if we join these mistakes to disastrous Kobe Bryant´s play during this Final. The truth is that it is quite difficult to understand the poor level of Kobe when he play against Celtics this season, because if we exclude the 3rd game of the final-12 /20 FG%-, he shown a poor level in the rest games (2 games in the Regular Season and 3 Final´s games) with a 41/114 FG M-A with a 35% FGP (we think that this is the Key of the final, since Kobe has a 50% FGP during the playoff´s games against Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs-on the other hand Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom have a 50% FGP during this Final, so we do not understand the criticism against Gasol and Odom, especially because they have Kevin Garnett as rival, who is the best defensive player of the season, so they have a difficult work and it is normal that they are scoring less points during this Final and besides Garnett is scoring less points during this Final than the rest of the playoff-17,5 points per game in the Final and 21,1 points per game in the rest of the Playoff-,so good defensive Paul Gasol and Lamar Odom´s play ).
When we say that we do not understand the Kobe´s level is because Kobe is used to play against good defenders and in fact he played very well in the Conference´s semi-final and in the Conference´s Final against to good defensive teams as Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs-maybe one reason may be that Paul Pierce knows very well the Kobe Bryant´s play, since they trained together everyday last summer in Los Angeles- But besides this poor Kobe´s level has another drawback to Lakers, since Kobe´s mistakes have a consequence, easy and quick Celtics´s attacks, since Lakers has a problem with the offensive rebounds. In short this is Kobe, he wins the games many times, but sometime he is an unsuitable for the team and of course he is the key in order to have more or less games during this Final. For the moment this Sunday, the 5th in the Staples Center.

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