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viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2008

THE LANCE ARMSRTONG AND THE ANGLIRU´S RETURN (This article is available in English and Españo)

The followers of Saqueneutral know that one of our favourite sports is cycling, since we have devoted some articles to speak about the last Giro d'Italia and Tour de France and now it is time to write about this sport again, since we must speak about 2 returns:: the return of the legendary Lance Armstrong and the return to the Vuelta of Spain of the one most difficult mountains for the professional road racing cyclers, the impressive “Alto del Angliru”.
About the Armstrong´s return, we will have plenty of time to talk in the coming months, now simply we will say that obviously it is a great news for the cycling´s world, since it can help to many teams to find a sponsor for next year because all the world will pay attention next year about the Lance Armstrong´s results and to see whether or not Lance Armstrong will be at appropriate level after 3 years retired, if he will continue to transmit the same security and power during the race and whether or may not win his eighth Tour de France. In other words, it is expected an important audience during the next Tour de France and therefore it is quite possible that many companies want to be there, showing their makes and betting in this sport. Whether or not Lance Armstrong will be able to win the Tour de France, the truth is that it is very difficult to give an opinion about it now, because I believe that we must wait to see him since January, when he sign with a professional team and he start to compete in some races like the Tour of California; Moreover it is important to know in which team he will run in order to value his options to win, since if the Team Astana will be the Armstrong´s team, we will see what happens with runners like Alberto Contador-winner of the Tour de France 07 - Levi Leipheimer and Andreas Klöden, we will if these magnificent cyclers accept to be Armstrong´ subordinates-if they remain at Astana, Lance will eliminate 3 important rivals-or whether they will not accept this role and they will run for another team, being 3 formidable rivals for Lance Armstrong-sincerely I do not believe that Lance, with 38 year´s old, can win to these 3 cyclers-.So, I think that the best thing to do now is to wait a while to see gradually what will occur with the Texan cycler.
The other important event in the world of cycling is the return to the Vuelta of Spain of the one of the toughest mountain climb of the professional cycling, El Alto del Angliru. El Alto del Angliru is a mountain that it has been ascended only 3 times -in 1999, 2000 and 2002-but is already one of the mythical and possibly it is, near the Italian Mortirolo, the toughest of the professional cycle race, since although the climb with a length of 12,5 km and with an average gradient of 9,9%, does not seem very hard, we should say that the ascent is impressive and very difficult from the 6 km mark to the summit, since the cyclers must climb an average gradient of 13,5 %, having the steepest part a 23,5%!!slope-500 metres, known as La Cueña Les Cabres-, which is the point with the greatest slope in the world cycling´s competition and possibly we will see a hard battle in this point between the best climbing specialists of the Vuelta of Spain and especially between the 2 best Spanish cyclers, Alberto Contador of the team Astana (winner of the Tour de France 07 and the Giro d'Italia 08) and Carlos Sastre (winner of the Tour de France 08) of the Team CSC-Saxo Bank.Moreover, we will pay attention in other cyclers the American Levi Leipheimer of the team Astana, Ezequiel Mosquera of the team Xacobeo Galicia or Igor Anton of the Team Euskaltel-Euskadi. In short, we will have a great show this Saturday with the final climb to Alto del Angliru, where cyclers will arrive after 200 km and after 3 other difficult climbs and where we think that we will see as a winner the magnificent Alberto Contador (thus his name will be with the other climbers who won in this mountain: the incredible and unpredictable Jose Maria " El Chaba” Jimenez and the elegant Gilberto Simoni and Roberto Heras), who will try to get an important gap over the rivals in order to guarantee his final triumph in La Vuelta of Spain (if he win La Vuelta, he will be in the select group of the mythical cyclers, who have won the “Big Three”: Tour de France, Giro d´Italia and Vuelta a España-for the moment only 4 cyclers have won these 3 races:" the cannibal " Eddy Merckx, "L'Enfant Roi" Jacques Anquetil, "The Cayman" Bernard Hinault and "The Phoenix" Felice Gimondi)
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