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martes, 16 de septiembre de 2008

THE NEW FC BARCELONA (This article is available in English and Español)

FC Barcelona started a new difficult season, since this team has to show to the supporters an excellent level and many titles this season, since the supporters will not accept another horrible year during the Joan Laporta´s presidency.
After a turbulent summer-since we could see during this period many strange circumstances like vote of confidence against the FC Barcelona´s president, resignations of the important executives and management´s problems-, the president elected as the manager of the team Pep Guardiola, who, although his inexperienced as manager he will have the opportunity of his live and he will be the chief of the one of the more important team of the world´s sport.
The fans expected tactical changes and good new players after the Frank Rijkaard´s departure-he always was a polite man and he never criticized any thing about the situation of the club- and the Pep Guardiola´arrival was applauded for an important sector of the FC Barcelona´supporters. But finally, the announced “mopping up operation” planned by the President and Pep Guardiola is practically reduced to the departure-with a ridiculous price as we explained in other articles of this blog - of Deco and Ronaldinho and since these departures, on the one hand, the president signed new faces, who, more or less, transmit illusion to the fans and on the other hand, the manager, Guardiola, spoke about the game´s system, which is the same of other seasons, 4-3-3; so, we will see the same proposal of the other coaches influenced by the "great Johan Cruyff".

If we analyse each line of team, we can say:
FC Barcelona will have the same problem this season with the goalkeepers, because on the one hand, Victor Valdes is very irregular and we think that he is not the adequate goalkeeper if a team wants to have any important aspirations, and on the other hand, the other 2 goalkeepers are very unsecure too-Pinto showed a poor level last season when he played and Jorquera is still in this club, because he had an important injury last year and the club decided to “reward” this situation with a contract´s extension of one more year-.So this year will be another difficult year for FC Barcelona in this position.

About the defensive line, FC Barcelona has many new faces, since it bought the most expensive right back, the Brazilian Dani Alves (32 million euros), the slow Pique, who comes back after his Manchester United´s period and the “new Kaiser” Martin Caceres, who is a good player but in spite of his important price (16 million euros),Pep Guardiola continues with his wrong ideas and he does not trust in this player for the moment-we will see in the future, because for the moment FC Barcelona has many defensive problems, since on the other hand Alves does not find his place in the field and his uncontrolled attacks are a important advantage for the rival teams, whose forwards have many facilities in order to attack, because Alves “loses” his place. On the other hand, the unquestionable Carles Puyol does not feel at ease with the Piqué and he is waiting the return of Rafael Marquez-good player and he will have minutes although the club wanted his departure during the summer- and specially the return of the great Argentinian defender Gabriel Milito. Moreover, FC Barcelona has a big problem with the left back, because Guardiola does not want the Brazilian Silvinho and the play of Abidal is very poor-he played horrible against Racing Santander and of course he will not be in the squad this Tuesday against Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League´s game-.

About the midfielders, FC Barcelona signed Seydou Keita -14 million euros when we think that Christian Poulsen was the necessary player for Barça (Juventus paid 10 million) - and now Yaya Toure does not have a place in the team-it is unfair, since this player played injured a lot of games last season when …and is this the price?; on the other hand Xavi keep ·the command”, Iniesta is playing as winger-we do not like this position for him-and the young Sergi Busquets is the solution of Pep Guardiola.
As wingers, Pep is using the best player in the world, Lionel Messi, who is “living" a crazy month because in the last month he has had to endure the instructions of three coaches (Guardiola, Batista and Basile) and at the moment perhaps he don not know yet his role in the "new" FC Barcelona, whose coach is “experimenting” and he gives opportunities to young player as Pedrito, who has not enough experience to play in this team. Moreover, Alexander Hleb does not know where he is and he is having adaptation´s problems and besides he has another problem, an injury, and he will not play until November.

Finally, about the strikers, we must say that on the one hand, it seems that Pep Guardiola dislikes Bojan Krkic, since he plays less now than during the Rijkaard´s period and besides when he has the opportunity to play, he does it under a big pressure and he does not show his real level. On the other hand, Pep stress the mistake with Thierry Henry, since the French striker wants to play as central striker and nor as winger, but Pep is Pep and if Pep thinks that this Henry´s position is the best solution for FC Barcelona, go on….by the way, Guardiola, what´s the matter with Samuel Eto´o? because you said that you do not want Eto´o, but Samuel is in the squad-FC Barcelona did not a find a club(neither Italian, neither English and neither Real Madrid wanted him) for him, will it be ok the relationship? I think that Eto´o will be another problem for FC Barcelona during this season, because he has the liberty to do anything (Laporta wanted this player) and of course he takes advantages of this situation-he was in Mozambique and Uzbekistan , while the rest of the FC Barcelona´s squad was training, or when he imposed the condition of no more “9” in the squad this season-of course the other member of the squad do not like this Eto´o situation-.

So, Laporta´s future will depend on the Guardiola´s job, which is a big risk, cause this coach is inexperienced, arrogant and haughty and even though he has a “protection” of the medias, he will fail and with him the president Laporta, whose bet on Guardiola is another mismanagement-he has a record when we speak about mismanagement-.
We'll see what happens this Tuesday in the Champions League´s match against Sporting Lisbon, because if FC Barcelona had problems against Numancia and Racing Santander, what may happen on Tuesday against a team with good players as the Brazilian central defender Anderson Polga, the Russian midfielder Marat Izmailov, the Argentine Leandro Romagnoli-what a pity that he suffered an important injury very, because he showed a lot potential when he played at San Lorenzo de Almagro-, Joao Moutinho-good centre midfielder- and the forwards as Derlei, Helder Postiga –although we do not like the Helder´s play- and especially the Brazilian Liedson-although he is injured and he will not play this game-.

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