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jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2008

THE SPECTACLE OF THIS WEDNESDAY (This article is available in English and Español)

This Wednesday the Italian and the Spanish teams had League´s fixture, being the most remarkable the play of the 4 offensive players, who play in the Italian Serie A.
On the one hand we must remark the impressive level of Argentine striker Diego Milito, who remains with his “goal´s romance” and he scored 2 goals more yesterday –he scored 4 goals in 3 Serie A´s games-during the match against a blurred AS Roma-of course the Spalleti´s team shows a different level if the two best player of the team, the great captain Francesco Totti and the talented Alberto Aquilani do not play (Aquilani played only 13 minutes yesterday and Totti nothing and of course AS Roma lost the game against Torino(3-1), proving that the Saturday´s victory against Reggina Calcio was a mirage and that this team must improve in all the lines if it wants to play the Champions League next season).
Alongside Milito, we want to speak about the excellent SS Lazio´s strikers, the Macedonian Goran Pandev and the Argentine Mauro Matías Zárate, who are showing an incredible level all this season in general and yesterday against Fiorentina in particular. If these 2 strikers continue with this level, I think that the Laziale´s fans can start to dream in order to attain important things this season, since for example yesterday we watched an attack´s class: big mobility, precise passes, dribbling, continuous danger and of course goals (Lazio won 3-0), who wants more? I think that it is one of the best couples of the European football at this moment and of course I recommend to watch the Lazio´s game, since the spectacle is guarantee-the truth is that it is a very good team, since we can find in the squad players as the goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo, central defender as Cribari, midfielder as the Argentine Cristian Ledesma or the Brazilian Matuzalém and strikers as the 2 artist (Pandev and Zarate) or Tommaso Rocchi (he is injured since the Olympic Games) and Makinwa.
Finally, we want to emphasize that yesterday we could watch the debut in the Serie A with Juventus Torino of the small (1.64 cm) genius, Sebastian Giovinco, who did not disappoint and he played very well, which is not a surprise for me, since I spoke about the tremendous quality of this small genius some months ago when he played on loan at Empoli. This offensive midfielder is synonym of constant danger, incredible quality, dribbling, intelligent, excellent vision of the game, great passes-he can do it both with the left foot and with the right foot-(in fact he assisted yesterday to Amauri, when the Italian-Brazilian scored the goal), so it is a great player and yesterday he confirmed that he can play perfectly at Juventus-even it is possible that Alex Del Piero have problems to play- and of course if Juventus does not value this player, there will be many clubs interested in this young player ( he is 21 year´s old) and for example there is a rumour these days about the possible Arsenal´s interest in him (we will see if this information is true or not, but of course Arsenal FC would be the ideal club for the Giovinco´s style).
For the rest, simply I want to review that FC Barcelona follows with the defensive problems and yesterday it received 2 goals more from Betis-If a team received goals in all the games, it is very difficult to win a championship-, that yesterday Real Madrid trained whit 80.000 fans(it won 7-1 to Sporting Gijon), that Villarreal continues to show great strength (it won 2-0 to Racing Santander) and that AC Milan confirms what we said in the last article, Alexandre Pato in the field and Shevchenko on the bench (yesterday AC Milan won a difficult match against Reggina Calcio 1-2).
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