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sábado, 14 de marzo de 2009


We can say that the Premiership is open after the game played this Saturday at Manchester between Manchester United and Liverpool FC, where we could see some signs of Manchester United´s weakness for the first time during this season.
The teams played a balanced match during the first part when we saw a hard struggle between the two teams to gain control of the midfield-Liverpool played without Xabi Alonso and of course it has problems to have fluidity with the ball in the midfield-. So, the protagonists were the midfielders during some minutes of the game until we could see some punctual plays-some defensive mistakes and the ability of the forwards- caused variations in the scorer. On the one hand thanks to a great “Apache” Tévez´s pass, the good Korean Ji-Sung Park provoked a penalty committed by Pepe Reina and Cristiano Ronaldo-today the Portuguese did not have his best day as Manchester United´s player and he was controlled by Fabio Aurelio- scored the first goal for Manchester United, which seemed that it had the game controlled, but five minutes later arrived the first Vidic´s mistake after a Martin Skrtel´s long “pass”, which was exploited by the speedy and elegant Fernando Torres, who had a face to face with Edwin van der Sar and he could score the goal to equalize the game and to cause some doubts in the Manchester United´s defensive line, which had another setback before the half time when there was another example of the connection Fernando Torres-Steven Gerrard and the Manchester United´s left back, Patrice Evra, was forced to commit a penalty and Gerrard did not miss this opportunity and he scored the penalty in the minute 44 of the game. After the half time Manchester United tried to equalize the game and it pushed Liverpool, but when Sir Alex Ferguson decided the incorporation to the game of Giggs, Berbatov and Paul Scholes, Vidic committed another mistake and he lost a dangerous ball and he had to commit a foul over Gerrard, which caused that Vidic was sent off and besides that Fabio Aurelio score a wonderful goal thanks to a free-kick, which supposed the final of the game for Manchester United, whose players suffered other setback when the Liverpool´s left back, Dossena, exploited a Pep Reina´s long pass and he could score the last goal of this game.
After this result, the Premier League is open and we will enjoy with a hard battle during the last 10 games of the League between Manchester United-we will see if this result does not have bad consequences for the Red Devils-, Liverpool FC and the "new" Chelsea of Hiddink, which has a complicated game this Sunday (14:30 cet) against Manchester City(Manchester United, 65 points in 28 games; Liverpool FC, 61 points in 29 games and Chelsea FC, 58 points in 28 games).

Manchester United: Van der Sar, O'Shea, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Park, Carrick, Anderson, Cristiano Ronaldo, Tevez, Rooney.

Liverpool: Pepe Reina; Carragaer, Hyypiä, Skrtel, Fabio Aurelio, Kuyt, Leiva, Mascherano, Riera, Gerrard, Torres

Goals: 1-0, Cristiano Ronaldo, m 23, Torres 1-1, m 28, 1-2 Gerrard (penalty), m 44 , 1-3 Fabio Aurelio, m 77, 1-4 Dossena, m 90.

Yellow cards: Liverpool: Carragher, m 35, Mascherano,m 60, Skrtel,m 64; Manchester United: Ferdinand,m 37, Van der Sar,m 43.

Red Card: Vidic in the m 76

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