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jueves, 11 de diciembre de 2008

THE DERBY OF THE SPANISH LEAGUE (article in English and Español)

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This Saturday we will have a vibrant derby between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid at the Camp Nou Stadium at 22.00 c.e.t The 2 Spanish league´s giants arrive to this derby in a very different way, since FC Barcelona is living moments of joy, serenity and satisfaction and Real Madrid is having a tense a convulsed period.

As we said, Real Madrid is not living its best moment and it is having complicate last days, since for example the president of the club, Ramón Calderón made ridiculous during the meeting with the owner of the club, who criticized the economic and sportive management of the controversial Calderón (the latter is a news from the Spanish radio Cadena Cope, which announced a possible fraud in the tickets´s sale, which can have grave consequences, even the possible relegation to the second division.... About the economic mismanagement, we can say that it is not a casual that Real Madrid signed only Rafael Van der Vaart last summer, the club can say many things like for example that the squad was complete and very good…nonsense, and by the way we are not seeing with this “good” and “complete” squad the excellence promised by Calderon when Fabio Capello was sacked and Bernd Schuster arrived to Real Madrid-for me, it was incomprehensible the Capello´s departure, since he carried out his promise and he won the Spanish League, so It is difficult to understand how the medias and fans can change their vision about Capello in a year, since when he arrived to Madrid, he was acclaimed and one year later, being Spanish Champion, people did not want his continuity-). After the "hot" meeting with the club´s owners, the Real Madrid´s fans had to suffer a poor game against Sevilla FC, being the only Real Madrid´s remarkable things, the fans´s shout against the president and the pride showed by some players, who wanted to avoid another humiliating defeat at Bernabeu Stadium(by the way, as I mentioned Sevilla FC, I hope that one day the Sevilla FC´s coach, Manolo Jimenez, explain the reasons to use two very different starting line-ups when his team played against Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, since the starting line-up used against FC Barcelona seemed a joke and of course the result was a defeat).

After this painful Real Madrid´s game, alongside the absurd Schuster´s comment-he said that it is impossible to beat FC Barcelona this Saturday-, the Real Madrid´s president took a decision: to sack the German coach, which was announced by the “incredible” Real Madrid´s football director, Pedja Mijatovic, in a press conference, where the most interesting things were the presentation of Juande Ramos as new coach-the contract is for the next 6 months and the salary:1 million euros) and the confirmation that Mijatovic is the main culprit of the sportive mismanagement, since he said that Ramon Calderón had never been involved in the transfers, so we can say that Mijatovic admits that he is the only responsible of the arrivals of Christoph Metzelder (everyone knew that this player has a custom: he is injured many time and in fact in these 2 years he has played only 11 first division games with Real Madrid), Roysten Drenthe (Madrid paid 14 million euros for a player who has difficulties to pass correctly the ball) or the responsible of the bad departures like the Alvaro Arbeloa´s departure (Real Madrid received only 1,3 million euros), Ronaldo (Real Madrid received 7.5 million euros), Julio Baptista (Real Madrid paid 20 million euros for this player and it sold him for 9 million euros) or Emerson (Real Madrid paid 11 million and it sold him for 5 million euros a year later),¿ What is Pedja´s salary?, of course we can not criticize Pedja, since we should understand that he is very busy, combing one´s hair and wearing to be perfect in the interviews, jeje(by the way, Mr Calderon, as you sacked Schuster, now you can do the same with the horrible coach of the Real Madrid´s basketball´s team, Joan Plaza, who seems Dusko Ivanovic(Tau Vitoria´s coach and former FC Barcelona basketball´s coach), since he has the same Ivanovic´s virtue and a good player plays bad when he has Plaza as coach and for example this season, Jeremiah Massey is not the player that we could see during the last 2 year at Aris or Lazaros Papadopoulos played horrible during his Real Madrid´s period, which is strange since he arrived to Real Madrid after some great years at Dynamo Moscow and now he is playing on loan at Fortitudo Bologna, where he is playing very well-last weekend, he played his first game(the Bologna´s derby) and the numbers were 19 points and 14 rebounds and last Tuesday, the second game, against FMP Belgrade and the numbers were13 points and 8 rebounds. ...).

About Juande Ramos, as I said many times, I do not like the overvalued Juande, but of course I will wait some games to criticize him, since it is possible that he has learned and he does not commit the Tottenham´s mistakes and Juande applies the common sense during his Real Madrid´s period and therefore the players play in their natural position and they know the team´s play and they play more or less all the games with the same style-as I said, we must wait some games but of course his firsts decisions, during the Zenit´s game, were, at least, peculiar, since we could see a slow player like Metzelder playing as right back (It is possible that it was the first time during the Metzelder´s career that he has played as right back) and Michel Salgado like left back, (it was another newness) ... we'll see if these decisions were a simple test or if Juande uses it next Saturday at the Camp Nou (obviously, we will be very attentive to see if Iker Casillas continues on the bench or if the game against Zenit was a simple rest for the goalkeeper). Anyway, we will have all the answers next Saturday, when Real Madrid-it will have the essential absence of the superb Arjen Robben- arrive to Camp Nou to play against a powerful FC Barcelona, which is living a very sweet moment and now nobody remember the summer´s vote of confidence against the FC Barcelona´s president, Joan Laporta. The truth is that the team is playing very well, showing great balance, a fast game and a winning mentality, wanting to win the game and to “destroy” the rivals, looking for score the maximum numbers of goals as it showed many times during this season (0-5 to Basel, 2-5 to Sporting Portugal, 1-6 to Sporting Gijon, 5-0 to Almeria, 6-1 to Atletico Madrid, 6-0 to Real Valladolid , 3-0 to Sevilla CF and 4-0 to Valencia CF), thanks to good work of the squad-the players are taking the place of the injured Iniesta very well-and specially thanks to the duo, Samuel Eto'o (14 goals in 13 league´s games)-it is incredible that the coach, Pep Guardiola, said last summer that he does not want Samuel because he had no the appropriate level ... nonsense!- and Leo Messi (9 goals in 11 league games and 5 goals in 5 Champions League´s games).So, it is a very good team and the only unknown is its performance when it play against an excellent rival, because until this moment FC Barcelona has not had complicated games, since it is not normal that a serious team, like Atletico Madrid, receive 3 goals during the first 8 minutes of the game, or for example the Sevilla´s starting line-up was not very good when it played against FC Barcelona, since Sevilla played without key players like Romaric, Renato, Jesus Navas, Konko, Duscher and finally Valencia CF played the game against FC Barcelona without David Silva and without the normal defensive line-Maduro is not showing a good level and specially if he play as central defender like in this game and Del Horno can not play in a top team.... -Anyway, if FC Barcelona continues showing the same play, the FC Barcelona´s fans must be calm because this team can beat any rival and of course it is the maximum favourite to win the Saturday´s derby, especially if we see Juande Ramos´s experiments.

8 comentarios:

Sheed dijo...

I couldn't agree more with you about Plaza's situation. I'm fed up with seeing a good squad, but poor coaching.

But Juande Ramos move was a smart one, maybe a little bit late though.

Rory Breaker dijo...

Hola España!
Everyone will watch Leo Messi show :)
I wonder what will Real's defenders do? They can only watch him like us! I hope they will enjoy with watching his performance.
Saludos desde Turquía!

Anónimo dijo...

Lyon has the potential to move forward in Champions, but I fear that one gets hurt alone as against Bayern. Sunday, the Lyon-Marseille match will be decisive, could reopen the championship. Ciao!

Barizzio dijo...

Great post dude..
Although a Barça fan, i liked most of your comments..

ERKUT dijo...

Barcelona is big favorite but Real will win after very hard match.

Fatih Tekke dijo...

Great Blog! I'd like to exchange our links. Say me if you want to do it. Bye ;)

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks to Sheed, Rory Breaker,Zizou, Barizzio,Erkut and Fatih Tekke for your comments.
Finally, we did not have surprises and FC Barceloan beat Real Madrid,which played like as small team...
Thanks and regards.

gala dijo...

brilliant analysis...well done mate...i'll follow ur blog very often


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