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viernes, 26 de diciembre de 2008

NBA: A DECISIVE´S PAU GASOL (article in English and Español)

During this Christmas Day we could watch a great basketball´s game between Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where could watch as Los Angeles snapped the Celtics´s franchise record 19 winning games streak thanks to the sensational Pau Gasol´s final minutes, since he scored 7 consecutive points and blocked a Ray Allen´s 3 points shot-Allen was the worst of the Celtics´s Big Three, since he only scored 14 points, with a 3-11 3PM-A-.
Obviously besides the great Pau´s final contribution-20 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds- we should also remark other Lakers´s players like Kobe Bryant-he had a sensational start and of course he appeared(except in the last minutes) when the team was without ideas and his number were 27 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists-, Lamar Odom-there were essential his two 3 points shot to finish the 3 quarter with advantage(71-67)-, and the intensive Sasha Vujacic-it was excellent his second quarter-, Trevor Ariza and Luke Walton, who carried out perfectly the Phil Jackson´s orders and they could counteract the superb level showed by the super star Kevin Garnett -22 points, with 11-14 FGM-A, and 9 rebounds-and Paul Pierce -20 points and 10 rebounds-, who had the great help of a sensational Rajon Rondo, especially during the first quarter-Rondo had an easy attack during this quarter, because he had as defensive rival, Kobe Bryant, who has many virtues, but of course the defence is not his best aspect-.
So, it was a game with equality and it was decided by small details as the contribution of different benches-the Celtics ´s bench players scored 13 points and instead the Lakers´s bench scored 22 points-, some decision of the referees and of course the responsibility assumed by Pau in the last minutes-the last 2:48 minutes- when the game was tied(81-81), since he scored 7 consecutives points during 1:20 minutes to arrange this important win(92-83 was the final score)for the coach, Phil Jackson-this is his victory number 1000 victories- and for the team in order to strengthen its mentality.
Now the Boston Celtics´s record is 27 wins-3 defeats and Los Angeles Lakers´s record is 24 wins-5 defeats.
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