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sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008

AN ATTRACTIVE SATURDAY (This article is available in English and Español)

This weekend, we will have again very interesting games in all the European championships.
The truth is that the Saturday's agenda is quite interesting, because for example at 20.30 c.e.t we will have the always passionate Torino´s derby between Juventus Torino and the FC Torino. Of course Juventus, although it is not in its best moment-even the important victory of the last Wednesday against Real Madrid-, should win without too much trouble, because the team of Giovanni De Biasi(FC Torino´coach)- he is a very good coach and we liked his job at Levante - is not playing very well in the Italian Scudetto, since it has only won a game (on August 31! When it beat U.S. Lecce)and it lost the 3 last league´s games- the last at home in the game against the modest Cagliari Calcio-. FC Torino is showing defensive problems-it is one of the teams with more received goals of the Italian Scudetto(11 goals received)-, since players like Colombo (right back), the veteran Di Loreto –a slow central defender-or the left back Pisano are simply correct and we think that this line is the worse of the team, since we can find more interesting players in other positions like in the midfield´line, where we find experienced players like Simone Barone and Aimo Diana-both played many times with Italian National team- or the imaginative Alessandro Rosina(this player of the Italian National team is a talented 24 year´s old offensive midfielder with a lot of quality and vision of the game and of course he sounds for many clubs like Tottenham Hotspur-although I think that he is not the adequate player for the Spurs, since Juande needs other players, more defensive and a striker-).Rosina is the responsible to assist to the correct strikers of the team: Nicola Amoruso-an experienced strikero-, Rolando Bianchi- he was unlucky during his Manchester City´s period and he needs some more time to recover the excellent level that he shown during his Reggina Calcio´s period-, and the experienced Nicola Ventola-although he is not in his best moment(his best years were during his Atalanta Bergamo´s period). Anyway, it is just a correct team and we do not think that it could be a hard rival to the the Juventus´s individualities -Amauri, Del Piero and of course we hope that Giovinco can have minutes to show his quality-. So, Juventus, although it has the known absences of Gianluigi Buffon, Mauro Camoranesi and David Trezeguet, must win this game, specially because if it does not win, it could almost say goodbye to win the Italian Scudetto, since the gap between Juventus and the powerful Inter Milan could be of 10 points this Sunday.

For the rest we will have this Saturday at 22.00 c.e.t an attractive FC Barcelona-UDA Almeria (Josep Guardiola must be careful because Almeria is not a team like Basel and Alvaro Negredo-excellent level!-, Pablo Piatti or Natalio-we like this player, whose career we follow since his Cartagena´s period) can be very dangerous for Victor Valdés and we will also have a decisive match for "our" Luis Aragones, who ,after the debacle against the Arsenal on Tuesday, returns to the Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium (18:00 c.e.t) to play an important and difficult match against Bursaspor (this team is in the third position of the standing of the Turkish Süper Lig).Fenerbahçe must be careful with the young star of Bursaspor, Sercan Yildiri,a young (18 year´s old and 1,82 cm) striker, who is player of the Turkish under 21 National team and he is the top scorer of the Turkish Süper Lig (5 goals in 6 games-obviously, important teams, like Manchester United, are following his play-).We say that it is important game, because if Fenerbahçe lose, Luis Aragones will be sacked, however, if Fenerbahçe win this game, the club-manager, fans and the players- win a lot of confidence, since although the start of the season is bad, the team would be near to the top positions of the standing, specially because yesterday the game between Besiktas (the leader of the Süper Lig) and the surprising Sivasspor (ranked 5th)finished 1-1(the phenomenal Argentine Matías Delgado scored the Besiktas´s goal and Mehmet Yildiz-one of the best Turkish strikers- scored the Sivasspor´s goal). On Sunday, there will be other important games such as Chelsea FC-Liverpool FC at 14:30 c.e.t (it is the Game to see the real chances of the Rafael Benitez´s team), Olympique Marseille-PSG at 21.00 c.e.t and Real Madrid-Athletic de Bilbao at 21:00 c.e.t and Villarreal-Atlético de Madrid at 19:00 c.e.t.

11 comentarios:

t.eddie dijo...

Hey Juan,
I agree with you that this will be a great test for Rafa's men against Chelsea although I like Scolari's style of play better than Rafa's. Anyway these matches are always big and anything can happen. Keep up the good work on the blog and email me when you can, I have a few things I want to ask you.


David dijo...

Haber si tiene suerte Benitez y los suyos...
Por otra parte gran fiesta la que se vivió anoche en el Camp Nou, con festival de goles...

Un abrazo!

David dijo...

Pd: te he agregado a mis links!

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks for the messages.
Liverpool played as a winner team and Chelsea showed its problems when Drogba is injuried and it plays agaisnt a good rival-Anelka is not the adequate player for this team-.

PCLioN dijo...

Hi Juan,

Sercan has really much potential. In Turkey, young forward can't find a chance easily in starting 11. Sercan scored 5 goals in 8 matches. I think he'll play in EPL, La Liga or the 'big 3 of TSL' in next years.

Hüseyin dijo...

not Matias Fernandez ! Matias Emilio Delgado.Matias Fernandez came from Chilie.Emilio came from Argentine.

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Pclion and Hüseyin for the messages.
Yes, I was wrong about Matías and I wanted to say Delgado, of course.
Thanks for the precision.

Sezer dijo...

Sercan Yildirim's height: 182 cm
not tall, fast footballer

naturline dijo...

Fantástico blog me gusta, muchas gracias por su edición con tan buen gusto felicidades, reciba un abrazo.

bianconeri dijo...

Fenerbahce wont be confident unless a defensive midfielder transfered.
Aurelio cleared last years; this season not only maldonado but also Josico is bad; and FB doesnt need their type footballer..
They will miss Aurelio.
Besiktas played very well but couldnt scored; Holosko and Bobo was bad. They are not going to be bad anymore; then Besiktas will win..

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Bianconeri for your message, Well, I do not think that the only Fenerbahçe´s problem is the departure of Aurelio, since the incredible mistakes of the defensive line is independent from the work of Josico or Maldonado.
We will see if it improves, although I think that the main rival to Besiktas will be Galatasary.

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