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miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008

LIVERPOOL FC WANTS TO CONTINUE WITH ITS IMPRESSIVE LEVEL (This article is available in English and Español)

If we talk about the Liverpool FC´s start of the season, we can only say that its start is impressive, because the Anfield Road´s team has not lost any game and of course now it is, alongside Chelsea FC, the main favourite in the bets to win the Premier League.
We can say that the Rafa Benitez´s team can not ask much more-the only negative point is the problem with the injuries (important players like Fernando Torres or Martin Skrtel are injured)-to this start of the season, since it is already the best start since 12 years ago and if the team continues showing this level, it will be the best start in all the Liverpool FC ´s history. If we speak about the Liverpool FC´s numbers in the Premier League, they are spectacular, since Liverpool FC won 6 games and it drew only 2 games-one of this draw was against its eternal rival, Manchester United-. Perhaps the only bad aspect is that the Rafael Benitez´s team, although it is playing much more offensive this season than other season-finally, Rafael Benitez has decided to be offensive when his team plays away from Anfield Road!!-,has problems to win the games and many times it does not play very well and it must mend the results, as for example when it played against the team of Robinho, the Manchester City.

The results are also good in the Champions League, since it won the games against Olimpique Marseille and PSV Eindhoven-by the way the wonderful Liverpool FC ´s captain, Steven Gerrard(one the best Liverpool FC´s player of the history), scored his goal number 100 with the “reds” during this game against PSV, -. Tonight it plays against Atlético de Madrid –they are the 2 favourite in the bets to play next round of the Champions League´s competition- and of course it will be a very open game and although Fernando “EL Niño” Torres will not play the game, Liverpool FC has many chances to win the game, which would produce a consequence: the Atletico Madrid´s coach, the controversial Javier Aguirre, would be in troubles and he can be sacked after the bad results against FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. The Anfield Road´s team wants to keep this good level until the end of the year both in the Premiership and in the Champions League, which will be very difficult, since these competitions are very competitive and it is very easy to lose a game, since there are other very good teams as for example Inter Milan-the Italian club showed an incredible level last Sunday against AS Roma, since it played with a big ambition and winning mentality and of course if the Jose Mourinho´s team continue playing with this level, it will the main favourite to win both the Scudetto and the Champions League (by the way, the Inter´s rival last Sunday, AS Roma showed a very poor level and besides today it will have a very difficult game at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea FC and we will see if it is the last game of Luciano Spalleti as “Romanista” coach-of course he is not the only coach with troubles, since other examples are Claudio Ranieri-although Juventus won yesterday the game against Real Madrid-the spanish team was sleeping during 60 minutes-, it must improve much more-or Luis Aragones, whose Fenerbahçe is sinking-of course it is not a surprise the hard defeat against Arsenal, since Fenerbahçe has many defensive problem and for example it received 4 goals when it played against Kayserispor, so this result (5 goals received)is normal when it play against excellent team as Arsenal FC)-.
We'll see what happens tonight.
Carlos Cruz (collaborator of Saqueneutral)

5 comentarios:

Davide Dragonetti dijo...

rome was unlucky today!

ultrANIL07 dijo...

I think Roma did not do anything to win against Chelsea. We've saw a classic Italian team on the pitch.

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks for the message, Davide and Ultranil07.
At least, AS Roma played a correct game and it played as a solid team-If Panucci plays, the defensive line is other thing-.I suppose that this result will be enough for the Spalleti´continuity.

31 ligas y 11 eurocopas dijo...

puto atletico madrid

Platini tiene razon hay q cerrar el vicente calderon del atleti pero de por vida para no ver esa banda llamada ....

atleticos pateticossssssssssssss

massi dijo...

hola amigo,la roma non ha giocato male,ma penso che quello non era il vero chelsea,secondo me la roma non si qualifica,è un anno partito male...hola

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