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sábado, 18 de octubre de 2008

A REVISION OF THIS SATURDAY (This article is available in English and Españo)

This Saturday we have had interesting games in the European leagues and we did not watch too many surprises.

On the one hand, Luis Aragones won more time to try to improve the Fenerbahçe´s play after an in extremis triumph at Kocaelispor. Anyway, the Spanish coach can not be conceited after this game, because on one hand the Kocaelispor Kulubu is a very weak-if we except Nenad Jestrovic (he played 5 seasons at RSC Anderlecht), this club does not have any player with enough international experience-, since it is a new promoted team to the Turkish Süper Lig and this season it has only gotten a pyrrhic point in 7 games, being the last team in the standing of the Turkish Süper Lig. On the other hand, Fenerbahçe played horrible, without rhythm, very slow and showing a defensive fragility –it is difficult to understand how Jesrtovic could score a goal when he was with 3 Fenerbahçe defender (of course if Deniz commits a mistake, it is very easy to understand the goal of the Serbian striker)-. If Fenerbahçe won this game, it was because Kocaelispor is a very fragile team and because Aragones has quality players-although for example Alex is not in his best moment-and of course this quality always appears and for example this Saturday Dani Güiza-the best player against Kocaelispor- had 4 important plays and he took advantages of these chances, since he scored 1 goal and he assisted to Semith Sentürk and to Ugur Boral-by the way, I did not understand the Ugur Boral´s substitution, please Aragones, Kocaelispor is not Manchester United and you can have offensive player in this game, it is not necessary player like Deniz to keep the results-.These 3 particular plays were enough to win the game, being the first Fenerbahçe´s victory this season as visitor and of course it is important in order to have more confidence and to be ready to play next Tuesday the important Champions League´game against FC Arsenal, although of course if Fenerbahçe play like today, it is very difficult to see a positive result, since the Gunners is a strong team and it will arrive perfect to the Tuesday´game, after the hard victory against Everton this Saturday(3-1) thanks to the goals from Samir Nasri, Robin van Persie and Theo Walcott. Arsenal, after this victory, continues the rhythm of the Premier League´s leaders, Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC-the London´s team humiliated Middlesbrough FC at the BT Cellnet Riverside (0-5) and Rafa Benitez's team was able to remount in the final minutes the 2 goals from the Egyptian player of Wigan Athletic, Amr Zaki (he is one of the sensations of this season, being the top scorer in the Premier League for the moment). In addition, we must point out that Bayern Munich has returned to win a league´s game thanks to a goal from Miroslav Klose-the last Bayern Bundesliga´s victory was a month ago, when it played against FC Cologne -, besides Juventus Torino continues its free fall and it lost at San Paolo stadium the game against Naples (2-1), which can be one of the last Claudio Ranieri´s game as "Bianconero”´s coach-hey Claudio, if Juve made an effort and it renewed Giovinco, it is because Juve trusts in this player and his position can not be on the bench. He must play and must play all the game, no only 5 minutes like this Saturday. So Claudio, if you want to have any chances against Real Madrid: Alex Del Piero and Sebastiano Giovinco together, because otherwise Real Madrid will have a lot of facilities and it will win the game in any play, although it seems inoffensive, like this Saturday when Real Madrid won in the last second thanks an absurd Heitinga´s penalty.
This Sunday is time to see other big clubs like FC Barcelona-it will plays at 1900 cet at San Mames against Athletic Bilbao- or AC Milan-it will play at 15:00 cet at San Siro against Sampdoria- and of course we can watch the game between AS Roma and Inter Milan-at Olimpico of Rome at 2030 c.e.t-and the game between Galatasaray and Trabzonspor at 18.00 c.e.t.
Finally, remember, this Sunday at 13.00 c.e.t.the World Cup Final of Futsal between Brazil and Spain

15 comentarios:

ultrANIL07 dijo...

Aragones and Guiza have come to Turkey as European champions. But I think they're unlucky, because Fenerbahçe have lots of problems in this season. Especially, they cannot find any suitable player for Marco Aurelio who signed for Real Betis. The team got 4 loses in 7 matches. I think this explains how the things are going on in Fenerbahçe. Perhaps you call me a pessimist, but I guess Fenerbahçe players are not happy with Aragones. They don't like his decisions, attitudes, etc. We've seen a similar situation in AC Milan when Fatih Terim was their coach.

Respects from Turkey :)

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Ultranil07 for the message.
About Güiza, I think he is playing well, he is scoring and he is assitting, besides he plays a lot of game alone in the attack-yesterday, for example we played with Senturk all the game and we saw the result, 1 goal and 2 assits-.
About Aragones:I do not like this man. ok he is European Champion, but until this season,¿when did he win an important title? 30 years ago!!!although I disagree about the bad realation between Aragones and the players, because for example when Boral scored the 2nd goal all the players were happy, specially Volkan Demirel and if they do not want Aragones, yesterday it was the perfect game to sack him

ultrANIL07 dijo...

You used "we"... Are you a fan of Fenerbahçe? :)

papaz dijo...

Hi Juan,

Fener wasn't better than first 6 weeks. They were just lucky to be playing against Kocaeli. Kocaeli and Antalya has worst defences in TSL and since Fener started with Semih they found more chances than they usually did.

However, Fener needed such an away win badly and it may bring good things for Aragones. On the other hand, Fenerbahce has hard matches coming on, 2 Arsenal matches, Porto, Bursa, Galata and Besiktas matches will be played in next month.


Juan y Fer dijo...

We are football´s fans and in the last message I wrote "we" instead of "he", It was a mistake, because I was speaking about Güiza and I wanted to say that "he played with Senturk all the game".

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Papaz for your message. I agree totally with you.
Yes, the next hard month will be decisive for the Aragones´s future as Fenerbahçe´s coach.

PCLioN dijo...

Hello Juan,

I think Fenerbahçe's problem is about lack of quality in midfield, not Aragones. But he can't find a solution either. He has a really huge contract so i don't think he'll be fired soon. Maybe it can be possible in the January.

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Pclion for your message.
I disagree about the quality, cause players like Alex, Kazim-Kazim, Boral, Emre Belozoglu have good level, although maybe they are not in the adequate fit.
Aragones has a good contrat and it will be very expenisve to sack him but you know that if the results are bad during the next month, he will be out from Fenerbahçe.

serkan dijo...

Hola Juan,

This is a nice blog, keep up the good work..

Greetings from Turkey,
Don't hesitate to leave comments to

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Serkan for your message.

David dijo...

Espero que Aragonés supere con creces la mala trayectoria que está teniendo en estos momentos...Siendo el entrenador que es y más con el apodo que tiene "el sabio" va a superar todo lo que se le está viniendo encima, ya lo vereís.

Saludos amigo!

Juan y Fer dijo...

Hola David,
la verdad es que yo no soy tan optimista, es que juega realmente mal como el Tottenham de Ramos. Además tiene un calendario complejo, ya veremos lo que acontece.
Un saludo

Sílvia dijo...

Hola Juan y Fer!
Me alegro por Luis Aragonés. Hay demasiado gente que le tiene ganas.
saludos.greetings :)

Anónimo dijo...

i believe aragones has made one of the biggest mistakes of his lifetime. to be honest, he won the cup then came to turkey cus for money. He shoulda retired right after the cup, so that he could be reminded in minds like a legend.

the worst comment i have heard so far about the game was something like wenger did not want his playaz to score more than five, due to his respect for aragones.

it may be real and it just makes people feel me bad and i'm a big galatasaray fan. this is awful really the other team's director does not want his playerz to score more because of the respect thing. it's a good thing but this shows they could have scored more than they did. as a matter of fact they could have scored 10 goals if they wanted.

but i still believe the gunners wont succeed at all. two or three weeks ago, mourinho said something like, arsenal is a good team but they are all kids. i agree with him 100%. i dont believe they have the experience to win the champs. league or premiership whatsoever. yeah they have good players but they are the players of the future.

honestly how many of u believe theo walcot or aaron ramsey can make this team the champions of champions?

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks for the messages.
Bueno Silvia, pero estarás de acuerdo que lo de tener muchos retractores,Luis se lo gana por su carácter,su manías, sus decisiones y sus declaraciones.
About the last message, I agree about Aragones-he should be at home- and I disagree about Arsenal´s options, since it played a final 2 years ago and in that squad we can see players like Eboue and Reyes(23 years 2 years ago), Fabregas (19 years 2 years ago), Toure, Hleb and Cole with 25 years 2 years ago, Flamini(22 years). So it was a young team and it arrived until the final, so it also has options this year.

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