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domingo, 30 de noviembre de 2008


This Saturday afternoon we watched a vibrant Istanbul´s derby between Fenerbahçe SK and Besiktas JK, where we could see another win of the Luis Aragones´s team(2-1).The match started balanced but a mistake of the veteran goalkeeper Rüştü Reçber-a former FC Barcelona´s goalkeeper-allowed to the Fenerbahçe´s centre midfielder Selcuk Sahin to score with his head. From this moment Besiktas had the control of the game thanks to the good job of the smart and omnipresent Argentine Matías Delgado (it is very interesting the Besiktas´s duo Delgado-Mert Nobre) and of course this control of the game had a result when an electric play on the left-they took advantage of the absence of the offensive Fenerbahçe´s right back , Gökhan Gönül, at this precise moment(we like this player)- and the passivity as defender of Colin Kazim-he is far from the last year´s level-and the determinant striker, Nobre, scored thanks an excellent assist of Ekrem Dag. That goal gave confidence and power to Besiktas to look for a second goal and in fact it was very near to get it for example when Tomas Sivok committed a mistake and he shot on target when he was in offside´s position and he impeded the Matías Delgado´s shot. But football is football and after this Sivok´s mistake, the Fenerbahçe´s second goal arrived thanks to a long pass of the Fenerbahçe´s goalkeeper, Volkan Demirel, to the striker Dani Güiza, who took advantage of the mistake of the 2 Besiktas´s central defender-Göhkan Zan and Tomas Zapotocny- and he scored with a sublime and excellent shot. Since that time, the Fenerbahçe´s mission was to defend the result and to make electric attacks, taking advantage of the Besiktas´s defensive spaces and of absurd sending-off of the Besiktas´s central midfielder Edouard Cisse before the half time. The truth is that this sending-off did not alter the game of the teams since the Besiktas remained, being the owner of the ball´s possession and Fenerbahçe was the owner of the shots on target specially thanks to the good job of Ugur Boral-he played very well with Roberto Carlos- and the combative Dani Güiza, who had many chances to score more goals, but the Spanish was unlucky and the game finally finished 2-1 and now Fenerbahçe is in the 4th place position of the standing with 23 points(Besiktas has 25 points and the leader, Trabzonspor has 28 points after the draw in game played on Friday against Kayserispor of Julius Aghahowa) Anyway, as we said many time, be careful with Fenerbahçe, because although it is playing bad and it started the season horrible, it is in the top position and it is very near to the leader of the Süper Lig.
For the rest, we want to remark the dismal Real Madrid´s game at Getafe- of course this result is normal if we can find in the line up players like Drenthe and Michel Salgado-, the solvent FC Barcelona´s victory thanks to a spectacular Leo Messi-however, Sevilla FC played too conservative and of course it is difficult to beat FC Barcelona playing with this style (we did not see Valdés during the second half). The truth is that it has not been the best match of the Seville coach, Manolo Jimenez (we did not like neither the starting line up neither the substitutions during the game)-, the easy win of Juventus under the snow in the game played against Reggina Calcio –it won 4-0 with Camoranesi, Amauri, Chiellini and Del Piero´s goal-, the important Bayern Munich ´ s win in the game played against Bayern Leverkusen-it is second in the standing after this victory(0-2) and it seems that the duo, Luca Toni and Miroslav Klose, is here again-, the Olympique Lyon´s bad result at home in the game played against the modest Valenciennes, which until now had only got one point in all its away games. Anyway, we'll see if PSG, Olympique Marseille, Rennes Nice can take advantage today of this Lyon´s result (yesterday Girondins Bordeaux did the same as Lyon and it drawn the game played agains Sochaux).
Finally, remember that this Sunday we have good games like at 14:30 cet Manchester City-Manchester United (I suppose that United will beat the bad City´s defensive line), Inter Milan at 1500-SSC Napoli (Inter must show good thing today, after the bad game played against Panathinaikos), AS Roma-Fiorentina(AS Roma must confirm its good level) or Chelsea FC-FC Arsenal at 17.00 c.e.t (another difficult game for the young gunner players).

6 comentarios:

artiljerac dijo...

mustafa denizli is disaster for beşiktaş... if he had choosen right players for this match, beşiktaş would have won easily...

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks Artiljerac for your message.
Well but I think that Denizli had bad luck because his team had the control-even with 10 men- of the game but the abursd misktakes of some players decided the game.

bianconeri dijo...

Denizli's lineups was not seem good but we played attack football. We were not luck.
Denizli's just mistake was Serdar Ozkan. İ cant stand him. Holosko might substitute for Ozkan.
I like football system of Denizli..

Athletic Gangsta dijo...

Hi buddy, i saw your adress on acetobalsamico and i came here :)
I'm suprised when i saw an entry about Fener - Besiktas game on a Spanish blog. Keep writing about Turkish football. ;)

Saludos desde Turquía! :)

Juan y Fer dijo...

Thanks for the messages Bianconeri and Athletic Gangsta.
The turkish league is very open, although I think that finally it will be a battle between Fenerbahçe and Galatasary-we will see the news during the winter market-
Thanks and regards.

Anónimo dijo...

Спасибо за новост

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